September 16, 2008

when everything goes wrong but the day is still so right... know you're in the right profession. :)

here is my list of things that went wrong yesterday:
within the first 10 minutes (yes 10 minutes) of my day...
-i realized the soy milk i had drunk in my coffee before school was definitely expired and spent the morning scared i would vomit in the trash can...and be solidified in their memories as the teacher who puked. seriously, kids don't forget those things. ever.
-my hand started spontaneously bleeding while i was teaching morning math facts, and my co-op had to get me a bandaid. don't worry, i continued teaching from the back of the room while bandaging my hand.
-immediately after that, i slipped and almost wiped out in the front of the room
-the smart board projector was malfunctioning and it took 15 minutes to warm up...during this time i awkwardly chatted with the kids about how i felt sick...

at the end of the day, one final cherry on top...
-the travel mug that was still half full of coffee and spoiled soy milk had tipped over and my bags were soaking in a puddle of coffee.

but it was still a fantastic day because i love these kids!
oh, and magically, i managed not to puke ;-)

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