October 29, 2008

if only 4th graders could vote in the real election...

today in 4th grade we were talking politics, specifically the issues the kids are concerned about and what they read about the candidates' takes on them. the kid logic was pretty fascinating.

almost equally as fascinating was me trying to explain things that i don't quite understand myself like the economy and health care to these kids. oh, not just explain them but explain them in kid friendly terms. probably not my most eloquent teacher moments...

i think my favorite parts of the discussion were the following moments:

SOMEONE's parents have been talking politics around the dinner table...
4th grader: "well, the iraq war is an important issue for me because we should leave iraq so we are still able to get our oil there and so they won't be mad for us trying to take them over. and i think that it was wrong of us to go there because george bush said there were weapons of mass destruction there and there weren't, we sent in spies and everything to look and they weren't there. and i think that george w. bush is just trying to finish what his father started..."

miss teacher.: "...you've brought up some issues that are very important to a lot of americans. tell me, where did you hear about those issues/how did you arrive at that conclusion?"

4th grader: "i just thought it up right now."

a future litmus voter:
miss teacher: are there any other issues you'd like to discuss or have questions about?

4th grader: "i heard obama is for this thing called abortion that means that women can kill their babies..."

miss teacher: "...ummm...ummmm" (looks to cooperating teacher for assistance...)

October 7, 2008

and in our spare time, we pulled an al gore...

me: my teacher's coming to watch me teach you tomorrow, so be on your best behavior!
4th grader: your teacher?
me: yup, my college teacher
4th grader: do you go to isu?
me: no, i go to wesleyan
4th grader: (beat)...wasn't the internet invented at wesleyan?

me: ...ummm...no. no, it wasn't.

love it.

October 3, 2008

this morning, i didn't just hit the snooze button a couple times, but i physically was out of bed, in the bathroom, about to get in the shower....and then i went back to my room, reset the alarm, and went back to sleep for 15 minutes. here's to reaching new levels of pathetic tiredness :-)
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