December 27, 2009

A Very Teachery Christmas :)

I think my Christmas presents this year really represent the extent to which teaching has consumed my life.  Highlights among the gifts:
  • Fancy Paper Pro 1 touch stapler (staples 25 sheets!!!!)
  • Fancy 3 hole punch that can punch a WHOLE BUNCH of pages (my current one jams seriously EVERY time I use it)
  • The gigantic pack of flair pens--so I can grade in style :)
  • The gigantic pack of Sharpies 
  • Post-its
  • Children's books
  • Gift card to Lakeshore\
  • A new little name plate for my desk with each letter made from a different photograph
It was a very teachery Christmas in my house :)   New school supplies are so exciting!  However, I can't say the new flairs made me any more excited to dive into the crate of grading I brought home to do over the break...alas.  Maybe tomorrow??  Orrr...maybe not ;)

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