March 9, 2010

To the student I worry about:

To the student I worry about (or one of the many),

Today I wanted to have lunch, just you and I, because I worry about you.  You are so sweet and have so much potential.  Smart, sweet, outgoing.  Ever since you told me about your goal of becoming a fashion designer and showed me your notebook of clothes designs, I have adored you.  But so often, I look at you and worry that, in a few years, you will choose the wrong path.  You haven't had an easy life, and don't have the kind of role models at home that you need.  When you are faced with choices between school and parties, homework and drugs, studying and boys, I worry that you will get caught up in the things that I pray so hard you stay away from.  You are already boy-crazy as a fifth grader--what will you be like at 13?  16?  18? 

So today I wanted to have lunch to have a talk about you.  I hope you were listening when I asked you about your goals and your fashion line.  I hope you heard me when I said I believe in you and am excited to buy an outfit designed by you at the mall one day.  And I hope it stuck with you when I talked about the different things that can sometimes get in the way of our dreams--boys, boys, boys.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with boys.  But I hope you heard me when I told you not to compromise any of your dreams for them.  I hope you listened when I told you that I have never let boys get in the way of MY dreams, and that I never plan to.

I hope you remember what I told you today come next year, and the next year, and the next year...

Miss Teacher

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