January 9, 2013

Do I have to? NO! You GET to!!

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It's been a long day, folks...same as yesterday, and same as the day before come to think of it!  This first week back from break is always a killer.  Thankfully the kiddos have been great, but I am EXHAUSTED!  In the hopes of staying on top of things, I've been making a point to keep my bed made, my sink empty of dishes, and my workouts happening this week.  I even used this pretty memo board my friend made for me for Christmas to plan those workouts out...
On the schedule for this evening was a 1000yd swim + 1 hr hot vinyasa yoga.  I packed my bags last night, but as I was pulling out of the school parking lot, all I wanted to do was go home and take a nap!  I caught myself thinking,
 "Ugh, do I HAVE to go workout???"  

But then I remembered a technique I use in my classroom.  I teach using Quantum Learning, a brain-based style of teaching that is kind of similar to whole brain teaching, but the it also involves a lot of management techniques and techniques for rephrasing the things we commonly say to kids.  One switch I made this year was that instead of saying things like, "Next, we're going to practice the Partial Quotients strategy..." or, "Tomorrow, we'll be taking a quiz on electricity..." I say, "We get to ________."  The change is SO simple, but so powerful.  "Today, we get to take a quiz on electricity and celebrate our learning!"  "Next, we get to practice using Partial Quotients!"  It's no longer Powerful Teacher telling Powerless Students what to do.  Tasks are a privilege suddenly!  Simple, but awesome.

Anyways, back to the workout that almost wasn't.  When I caught myself thinking, "Ugh, do I HAVE to go workout???" I stopped and reframed my thoughts, instead thinking, "Tonight I GET to go swim and go to a yoga class.  I love swimming and yoga, and taking the time to practice both tonight is a wonderful thing.  I am lucky to get to do both of these wonderful things I love."  Just by rephrasing my thoughts, my attitude completely shifted.  And sure enough, the swim and yoga were wonderful--even though by the end of the class my arms were shaking like crazy in my side planks, and I had to rest in child's pose a few times...still awesome :)

Side note: After class, a middle aged man that was practicing next to me came up to me and said, "Thank you for your practice tonight.  I really enjoyed practicing next to you."  I can't decide if this is creepy or sweet...

How do you stay enthusiastic about training and working out after a long day?
Sometimes I try to visualize a goal I am working towards--either a finish line of an upcoming race or seeing my goal finishing time on my watch post-race.  Holding these pictures in my mind usually gives me a little motivation when I'm having trouble sticking to my training plan!


  1. Love this technique! Next time I feel like hiding when the 5am alarm sounds I may try it :)

  2. now feeling guilty, as I just slept through my early morning workout alarm! tonight, I get to run after school!

  3. Enthusistic? Not always. Like NIke - I just do it. I always feel glad I did. If I questioned it I wouldn't do it. If I've planned it, it happens.


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