September 28, 2013

Swirlgear Review + Discount Code

I recently had the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for Swirlgear, a new-ish company that makes running clothes for women.  I was interested in Swirlgear for a couple of reasons.  First, the company was founded by a woman runner, and it is run by women which I love.  I also love that they're based out of Chicago--I was born in the city and have lived in the suburbs my whole life, so I love supporting a home-grown business!  Check out their current product line here.

I ordered the yellow cap sleeved shirt and pink hoodie.  Based on the sizing chart, I would be a size small.  However, I HATE tight clothes, especially running clothes, so I usually end up going with a medium any time an item is designed to be more fitted.  I emailed the company to ask their opinion on sizing, and they suggested I stick with small since the items run a little big.  When I received the tops, I was disappointed--they fit, but they were a little snug, definitely tighter than I prefer.  The good news is, I contacted the company and they made the return a SNAP for me--I had my new clothes in a couple days.  I am much happier with the mediums.  The cap sleeve shirt is pretty loose on me in the medium (I must be a small+...), but like I said, I appreciate a long, loose fit for running clothes.  If you like your clothing more fitted and are between two sizes, you will definitely be safe with the smaller size.
The Sunny Yellow Cap Sleeve was PERFECT for my 20-miler last Sunday!
As I said, these shirts are cut long--even in the smaller size, I was still happy with the length.  I cannot for the life of me understand the appeal of running in a short shirt.  A long length is not only flattering IMHO, but it just makes things easier if you're wearing a fuel belt or a SPI belt--hate when your shirt rides up around those things!  The cap sleeve is also super lightweight and breathable with flat-lock seams.  Perfect for long hot, sweaty runs.  Oh, and they're tagless--like all running clothes SHOULD be!
The hoodie fit PERFECTLY in a medium.  I bought it to wear as a second layer, so if that's your plan too, definitely don't size down.  I like the weight of the hoodie a lot--I have a few thin long sleeves and a few that are fleecy inside that I wear for winter running, but this top is a happy medium.  It has super long sleeves that are actually long enough to pull your fists inside, and it has thumbholes.  My favorite part, though, is that there is a hole in the hood for your ponytail!  My mom thought that was super weird when I told her, but anytime I want to run with a hood in cold weather, I either have to put my long hair in braids or bunch it in back of my hood.  Hate that!  (I'm beginning to think I have some serious issues with picky-ness as I sit here writing my post...hey, I know what I like!)

The downside to Swirlgear is that they don't have a ton of styles and prints--yet.  They are a new baby company, and they are working on expanding.  I wasn't in love with all of their prints, but I'm looking forward to seeing what they come out with next.  The other issue for me is cost.  While they are not higher priced than many other popular brands, their items averaged more than I normally spend on my running clothes.  The quality is definitely there, though, so if that's the most important thing to you, it would for sure justify the expense.  (I'm trying SO HARD to budget recently, so I'm looking a bit more closely at price tags these days!)

Here's the good news though!  As a brand ambassador, I can offer you guys free shipping on any Swirlgear purchase using the discount code swirlon at checkout.

What qualities make something a PERFECT running top for you?
For me, it's a long length, loose fit, and soft, wicking material.

Disclaimer: I was provided a 50% discount on these items as part of the Swirlgear Brand Ambassador program.  They were purchased with my own money, and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. What a great opportunity for you! The gear is cute- love that yellow top. I also agree, a shirt that is too short does NOT work. I have the same issue with fuel belts and need a longer shirt.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I have a question. You mentioned the long top if you're wearing a fuel belt or spi belt. No, I'm not about to ask about the top (I'd be very surprised if they shipped to Canada). But are there other good ways to carry water if you're NOT wearing a fuel belt? I've found that my fuel belt doesn't actually fit as much water as I need, now that I've started running slightly longer distances than before.

    And also. Remember when we were kids and clothing came in half-sizes? Like 6x? and 2x? They should have that for grownups. Because in pants, I wear something halfway between a 2 and a 3, and it's a bit of a pain.

    1. Actually, Swirlgear does ship to Canada. If I'm running a shorter distance and don't need the fuel belt, I carry a small handheld bottle with a hand strap. But that is less water than the fuel belt. I''d try a belt with four bottles--that should be plenty. Some people run with Camelbacks; I can't imagine how that would be comfortable, but they hold plenty of water.

  3. love the hoodie! So cute and looks so comfy


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