October 31, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Happy Halloween!  Do you want to know the saddest thing ever?  Our Halloween parties at school this year were not allowed to have food at them.  AT ALL.  Not even fruits and veggies!!  This is a tragedy to sweet tooth, perpetually starving me.  As a proponent of healthy living, I am all for teaching kids healthy habits by limiting sweets in the classroom, but what a bummer to not be able to serve even healthy snacks!  Oh well.  My room moms have managed to fill the hour chunk of party time with an agenda of crafts and games.  Here's hoping we are able to keep the chaos to a dull roar today...

In other Halloween news, my team and I are "dressing up" as characters from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Our whole staff is supposed to come as book characters, and we chose this because it's quick and easy.  Jeans, tshirts, and a "wimpy kid" mask. :)  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  I'm hoping it's a hit with the kids.

I wore heels yesterday for the first time since pre-marathon training back in spring!!  I had no weddings or really formal events this summer, so I pretty much lived in sandals and TOMS.  Once school started again, I was super paranoid about the slight bit of plantar faciitis I was experiencing turning into something more serious before the marathon, so I stuck to flats and other comfy shoes.  It was nice to bust out a pair of pretty shoes finally, although I have to say I am not sure I'll be wearing them as much as I used to now that I've gotten so used to comfier shoes!

I've blogged before about our BANANAS schedule this year, so no need to get into that.  But with literacy intervention groups back to back with guided reading, I basically don't move from my guided reading table and see groups for an hour and a half solid.  You can imagine what my brain is like by the last groups of the day.  Today, I passed out the books for one of my groups, a biography of Thomas Edison.  To get started, I asked them to turn and talk about some of Edison's famous inventions.  The kids stammered and guessed random inventions before I said something like, "What?  No!  You don't remember?  Look back through the book!"  So they looked back and came up with some of the inventions.  Phew.  THEN I asked, "Okay, what chapter did we get up to yesterday?"  They responded with..."We haven't started this book yet.  We finished our last book yesterday."  DUH.  Hence why they were clueless about Thomas Edison...I felt terrible!  But honestly, who can keep it all straight!  These are all the titles we've been working with the last week and a half, and this doesn't even include my intervention group's materials...

YIKES!  No wonder my brain is a jumbled mess!

Okay, I know this is supposed to be just three things, but I have one more cutie to sneak in...We've been working on informational writing including crafting strong leads.  The kids are all about onomatopoeia, but this kid seems to have missed the mark on a benchmark writing assessment...

I can't say I would classify that as onomatopoeia...but good try, kiddo!  

What are your Halloween plans?

Are you still allowed to have Halloween parties at school?

Share your "tired teacher" moment of the week--please tell me I'm not alone!


  1. Here, they also really restrict the food at school parties - but all of the schools I've been in still allow SOME treats. Where I did my internship, the deal for birthdays and other special events was that a healthy snack had to be served alongside the not-so-healthy snack (for my own birthday, I brought homemade cookies with orange slices - both were very popular).

  2. Crazy that they restrict food!!

    I'm dying laughing at your tired teacher moment. I did something similar this week. My 6th graders are writing argumentative intros for the first time, so I'm modeling one for them and they are copying it down. I wrote one where the hook and the thesis are supporting two different sides! For real, right in the middle I forgot. LOL My first 6th grade is writing one side of the issue and my second class is writing to the other side of the same issue, so I guess I just got confused!

  3. We took the kids trick or treating! The boys had parties at school and we had to bring "non-candy" snacks..and they couldn't dress up as Superheros either. I feel like everything is getting so limited and they can't even act like kids any more!!


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