December 20, 2013

Top Ten Signs You Need Winter Break NOW.

Sadly, all of the following things have happened to me in the last two weeks--HOW MANY HOURS LEFT?!?!
^Oh don't worry, we are still teaching full-steam here up until the last minute.
Meanwhile, I am quietly losing my mind...

1. You asleep through your alarm by two hours, only waking up when a co-worker texts you to ask where you are and if you are okay.

2. Mid-math lesson, you realize that students need volume 2 of their math journals.  You search the room, co-workers' rooms, and even check in the library, only to find them later that day in the first cabinet you checked earlier.

3. You find yourself peeking into teachers' classrooms mid-afternoon to just check what they're doing with their classes because you are out of ideas.

4. You laugh hysterically when support teachers ask what books you will be using for guided reading groups when we come back in January.  January??  HAH!  I don't even know what I'm doing 5 minutes from now!

5. You spend less and less time on planning and grading after school each day, and more and more time snacking in the teachers lounge.

6. You roam the school for twenty minutes in the morning searching for someone who you can bum a K-Cup off of for the school Keurig because you forgot your coffee and literally cannot imagine facing the day without it.

7. You wake up on the coldest morning of the year to a dead car battery...

8. Math homework starts to consist of "flash cards" every night instead of an activity because you have lost the will to find and copy meaningful homework practice.

9. Your desk begins to more and more closely resemble a pile of rubble and you start shoving the student gifts that start tricking in in random cabinets throughout the room rather than organize them.

10. You are not only dreaming of school, but are talking about it in your sleep.  (I was apparently talking about Helen Keller in my sleep recently after reading about her with my kids. Kill me.)
What signs and symptoms of needing winter break have you been experiencing lately?


  1. Scraping the kids off the ceiling has definitely given me a great shoulder workout!
    Wednesday we had our Christmas program. The kids all came dressed up for it and must have gotten lectured about staying clean. I've never had such a calm day with this group. Then the next day they were back to their normal monkey more day.

  2. Talking about Helen Keller in your sleep is bad. Hope you are on vacation now. This last week was awful.

  3. Just trying to keep the kids FOCUSED was my challenge. With the full moon this week too....holy moly. Thank goodness we had Friday off as an ice day because I don't think I could have handled them one more day.

  4. Enjoy your break, I know I will!!


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