October 28, 2014

Race Recap: Halloween Hustle 5K

I'll admit it--I can be a little pushy, especially when it comes to fitness.  If someone mentions in my presence that they might want to get into running or try yoga or that they're thinking about a triathlon, I become part perky cheerleader and part evangelical athlete.  I can't help it--I absolutely love helping beginner athletes get started with running and triathlon.  Well, I've been mentioning to my team at school that we should do a 5K together for the past couple years, and I was elated when I finally wore them down this fall!  Saturday we finally did it!

Here's my six-word race recap:
Inspired new runners, crushed my PR!

Ever since my huge PR at the Milwaukee Marathon, I'd had 5K PRs on the brain.  My 5K PR was two years old, and I've definitely gotten faster since then.  I wasn't sure if I was ready to go for it just 3 weeks out from my marathon, but after a speedy run Thursday night, I decided I was ready!

Saturday morning, we met up with my team before the race.  It was a first 5K for two of my teammates, two new runners and one walker!  I was so excited for them, and talking through the logistics of races helped distract me from my own PR-attempt nervousness!  
Don't be fooled by this picture--this race HURT!

I lined up with two of my teammates and my boyfriend, Joe.  Joe promised to help pace me to a PR, with a sub-27 being my goal.  Despite a dinner of raw veggies and junk food at book club the night before, I felt pretty great for the first half of the race!  However, the second half was rough!  I pushed myself to run a pace I've never managed to run before, and pushed through it when all I wanted to do was walk.  In the last mile, I realized that I would MUCH rather run a half marathon than race a 5K.  I am definitely not built for speed, and this race HURT!  I reminded myself what I told myself when I was shooting for a PR during the Space Coast Half a couple years back--setting a PR is supposed to hurt.  
I was about ready to lay down and die during our sprint to the finish line as you can see in this picture.  Yikes.  Trust me, my other pictures were even less flattering if that's possible!  I was clearly working hard!   I crossed the finish line in 26:27, averaging an 8:31 pace and coming in sixth in my age group!  I have never run that fast in my life!  I still kind of can't believe it!
I was super proud of myself, but I was even more proud of my team.  It was so much fun to share this experience!  We even wore our race shirts to school Monday and told our students about it.  I love being able to set an example of healthy living for my students!  Can't wait for the next team race!

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  1. I agree--I'd rather run a longer race over a 5k any day! 5k's are SO HARD and I feel just as spent after running one as I do after a 8k or 10k. Congrats on the PR! That is such a great feeling!


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