December 31, 2014

2014 Reflection, 2015 Goals

2014 treated me pretty well.  No need to go month-by-month with a reflection, but I'd say some highlights are definitely in order.  (If only because I like to go back and reread them later on.) :)

In 2014, I took a trip to Texas, two trips to Florida, and a ridiculous amount of trips to Wisconsin.  
Trail Running in Austin, TX
I finished my 5th year teaching and kicked off my 6th. 
All packed up on the last day of school--5 years down!
I managed to get a little bit faster and set a whole bunch of PRs--5K, 8K, Half Marathon, Sprint Triathlon, and of course Marathon.  Phew.  
Just yards away from PRing at the Chi Town Half Marathon
 I raced my first Olympic Triathlon, and while I didn't love the bike leg, I still loved the distance.

I closed out the year having run 12 races and a total of over 1,000 miles which is definitely a new record for me.  2014 for the win!
I set a few goals for 2014 this time last year--let's see how I did!

Goal 1: Continue learning sign language
Outcome: Pass! I had a great time continuing to work on improving my signing this year.  I worked with interpreter friends, signed with my Deaf and hard of hearing students daily, and took a community college class in ASL this summer.  I've truly loved the experience, and I can't wait to continue learning in 2015!
Goal 2: Finish my second marathon and set a PR
Outcome: Pass!  Running the Milwaukee Marathon in October and setting a 50 minute PR was definitely one of the highlights of my year.
Goal 3: Complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon
Outcome: Pass!  I completed the Pleasant Prairie Olympic Triathlon back in July and had a great race despite the less than ideal weather conditions throughout the first two legs!

Goal 4: Incorporate EdModo and/or Blogging into my classroom
Outcome: Partial Pass  I did use EdModo in place of my reading response journals throughout the second half of last year, but I got frustrated that I kept losing our laptop computers every time we completed school wide testing.  This year I never implemented EdModo because of the same situation.  I liked it, but it felt like it wasn't worth the trouble and inconsistency.  If I had more consistent computer access, I would definitely try it again.

Goal 5: Try 12 new recipes
Outcome: Partial Pass  Almost every year I set a cooking related goal, and almost every year I abandon it.  I didn't keep track of all my new recipes this year, but I did try at least a handful of new things.  Mostly soups and chilis. :)  Oh well!
I did cook a few times this year...does that count?
Goal 6: Run a trail race
Outcome: Pass!  I ran the Frozen Gnome 10K trail race last January, my 4th trail race.  During the race I learned both the importance of trail shoes and that I never need to do another winter trail race again.  (The other trail race I did, Cross Country Challenge a few years back, was also in Winter.  What is wrong with me?)  I had a great time, though, and it made for some good memories!
Goal 7: Try clipless pedals on my bike
Outcome: Pass!  I got my new pedals and shoes in April, and I love them!  I didn't even fall once getting used to them.  (Although I did have a few close calls!) 

Goal 8: Persevere!
Outcome: Definite Pass. :)

I really only have one goal for 2015, and it's a big one.  Are you ready for it????

I am simultaneously ridiculously excited and scared out of my mind.  

Good bye, 2014!  2015--BRING IT ON!

Happy New Year :)


  1. Yay! It's going to be an awesome year! I can't wait to hear about your training and the race!

  2. Awesome year! You took on a lot of challenges this year with courage! Bring on 2015!


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