October 15, 2009

More Fun...

I brought home a whole bin of papers to grade tonight...but I only got as far as writing tomorrow's newsletter--at this point, I see even that as an accomplishment!  It was another touch and go day in the fifth grade zoo with regard to my "difficult" child.  We had another rotton morning, but the afternoon went well.  I am trying SO HARD to choose my battles, but honestly, I don't know which ones to choose sometimes!  My goal for myself for tomorrow is to find ways to distract him before he has the opportunity to spiral out of control.  And of course, to choose my battles better.  *sigh*  They really did not teach my enough in college.  Why isn't there a class in how to get these situations under control?  (And yes, I've tried every trick anyone has ever told me or that I've ever read about)  Also, why isn't there a class in how to make yourself come to work, composed and calm, and face the next day?

Well, things really aren't that bad.  It's just frustrating.  I want to help this kid so bad, and I hate the fact that I can't figure out something that works.   But we are taking baby steps...baby steps. 

On the bright side, I FINALLY made time for social studies today.  Miracle!!!

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