October 14, 2009

you win some, you lose some

Just a quick update on my little "friend" at school...today, my brand new behavior plan helped us have an outstanding morning in terms of behavior.  Really, it was amazing.  However, things quickly unraveled the last hour of the day.  I won't go into details right now, but it was NOT pretty. One of my wise 5th grade team members advised me to try and think about the positive students at night instead of the ones who make me want to call in sick tomorrow.  So I will just share a few bried smile moments of the day:

One of my "angel students" typed up a survey that he brought in to ask each student if they had any food allergies and their favorite candy, so that he can personalize his Halloween treats by our individual preferences.  It was multiple choice complete with an "other: __________" option.  Did I mention typed?  Unreal.

While filling out this survey, under the allergies section, one of my girls raised her hand.  "How do you spell amoxicilian?"  "Sweetheart, I don't think you need to write that..."

At autism therapy this afternoon, my little sweety and I were talking about our days. I told him I'd had a rough one because one of my students was having trouble behaving.  Being well-versed in the art of rough days and behavior management, he asked me more about the student and the events that transpired today.  After awhile, I asked him to give me a hug to make me feel better. :)  Of course he obliged and said, "Oh Amy, you had a bad day but let's let him have another chance tomorrow."  My thoughts exactly. 
^This is why I work a 9 hour day Wednesday's, race out of school and straight to his house for therapy, then go BACK to school to do work until 8pm.  Moments like this are so worth it.

So, as my wise little friend advised, we will start fresh tomorrow.  I better be well rested for the next adventure in the fifth grade jungle!  Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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