November 29, 2009

Back to Real Life

After a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving break during which I did not so much as crack a teacher manual or uncap a colored pen until Sunday afternoon, it's back to school tomorrow.  I definitely needed (and very much enjoyed!) this break.  My plan to work ahead and stay late last Monday and Tuesday in an attempt to prevent getting stuck in what I assume will be a crazy long copy line tomorrow morning worked like a charm.  I have my week planned, and mostly copied, and am feeling refreshed.  Thank goodness.  On the down side, I am being observed first thing tomorrow morning and who knows how the kids will be after their marathon weekend...who knows how on my game I will be for that matter!  I am well prepared though, and the lesson is a standard Monday shared reading...pretty predictable as lessons go.  The only thing that will make it unpredictable is the kids, of course.  Man, wouldn't all of my lessons be perfect if it weren't for them! :)

Anyways, we'll see how things go tomorrow.  First day back after the break, first day actually doing the Daily 4 method we rehearsed last week, my observation, parent visitation day (thank goodness I only have one parent coming...she WILL be here to see a science lesson though, which should be interesting...eek), and Battle of the Books.  Oh my.  My goal after all that is to actually work out.  Hmm, we'll see if I make it.  :)

3 weeks til winter break, 3 weeks til winter break, 3 weeks til winter break...

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