November 26, 2009


Today I am thankful that I have a job that not only pays the bills, but that is intellectually, emotionally, and sometimes even physically challenging.  No matter how often my job makes me scream or cry, I am thankful that it doesn't involve sitting at a desk or a computer, interacting only with technology and not with people.  I am thankful that it challenges me in every possible capacity, and that it allows me to make a small difference.

I am also thankful for some of the wonderful students who get me through the day, who remind me why I decided to be a teacher, who make the bad days worthwhile, and who keep me coming into school.  One example of this i the student who wrote me and my family a letter Tuesday and told me I was to read it on Thanksgiving with my family (of course I couldn't resist peeking early!).  He told my family they should be thankful to have Miss Teacher as family, because I am one of the nicest people he has ever met.  He asked them also to write back, and my mom assures me she will do so.  I am also thankful for the student who sent me an email this morning to tell me Happy Thanksgiving, and that I am a wonderful teacher.  This is why I teach.

Finally, I am thankful that God has given me the strength to make it through the first trimester (which ended last week).  Miraculously, I didn't quit, and I know that after this relaxing weekend I will have just enough energy back to make it until Christmas.  I am thankful for all the support I have received so far, from friends sending uplifting texts, to my mom helping with lesson plans and listening to my frustrations, to my amazing 5th grade team partners who help me SO MUCH and remind me that I will make it through the year and that I am in fact a good teacher, to Miss R and Mrs. J without whom I think I would have lost my sanity so far.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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