August 20, 2011

MY CLASSROOM IS FINISHED!!! (and other happenings)

I had planned on going out with a friend tonight, but when Friend got sick and cancelled, I ended up at Caribou working on my first week's lesson plans.  Not the most exciting night, but I think they are about done!  
Page 1 of my plans...
2 more institute days Monday & Tuesday, and then let's get this party started!  I am feeling MOSTLY ready. I say mostly because my plans are done, my room is ready, and my team has already had some great collaborative meetings that have really given me a positive feeling about our year....buuut at the same time, who wouldn't love a few more weeks of summer??  Anyways, here is my room!
View from the doorway...Library and small group area
Another library shot...and check out my baseball themed board for "Out of the Park Work" :)
Even more library and my currently empty Writing Workshop board...
My desk...I LOVE having it against the wall.  
Big time space saver, and I never sit there with the kiddos anyways!
Sorry for the blurriness...This is the side board with my desk, schedule, homework, clip chart, and rules.
Front of the room--I'm placing my gathering place in the front instead of the library this year because I hope to use it with my new LCD projector (!!) in addition to the easel.
Guided Reading table

Side Views (those desks in the corner are on their way out...)
NOTE: I made this sign by compiling ideas I saw on several other bloggers' sites.  
However, I recently learned the original design was created by Mary Musel.  
Visit her etsy site here.

Whew!  That's about it for the classroom!  I'm sure I will rearrange many times this year--I always do--but so far I'm happy with it!  The true test, of course, is how it feels once I get some kiddos in there!!!  This week I also made some time to stop by and visit Mrs. Literacy Specialist's new classroom!!!  She is a classroom teacher this year at another school in the district.  How cute is she with her affirmation sign?!  (She was trained in Quantum this summer too!)
 In the Running World...
Unfortunately, I have very little to report.  My hip flexor is still killing me!  I ran about 2.5 miles Thursday morning, and it's still tight!  I've been doing a lot of lunges and yoga stretched to loosen it up...any other ideas??  Good parts of the (way too early 5am) run were testing out these awesome new compression sleeves that Coach Melinda gave me!!!  Isn't she the sweetest??
How silly do I look with the sleeves and IT strap...just cover me in bandages...
Coach Lauren got a pair too, and we are obsessed.  They are WAY tighter than my zensah ones!
Another perk of a 5am run is that I also caught a pretty great sunrise...
Pain aside, it was worth the early morning. :)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!  Check back tomorrow for a post about implementing the Daily 5!


  1. Your room looks AWESOME!!!! Great job!! Those kiddos are very lucky.

  2. I love your room! It looks very spacious and comfy! Last year, I had my easel near my smartboard and it worked out well, especially since we needed charts to document our teaching points. When I used the smartboard for the lesson, the chart was very student centered. They filled it in for me--I used it as an active engagement. :o)

  3. I can tell you are passionate about being a teacher by looking at your classroom. It' ADORABLE!! So cozy and sweet. Was that just the morning portion of your lesson plan?

  4. By the way, I love the new header! You are so cute!! Can we be friends?

  5. The room looks great. I'm definitely going to keep up with your blog because I may be teaching 5th grade soon!

    How do you like the compression socks? I am going to get some, just confused about what brand to get. I'm having major shin splints and I have a calf strain that just won't go away.

  6. Always fun visiting your blog - great ideas :) It was fun seeing into your "world" thanks for sharing the pictures!

  7. I,m a Spanish teacher, and I like to have a look in your blog, the way that you decorate your classrooms is complete different from ours, I like your ideas.
    Thank you

  8. Cute room. May I ask how you made your "Writing Process" pencil? It's great and I want to change the system I now have.


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