August 13, 2011

Productivity Fail & What I'll Miss Most about Summer

I had big plans to be productive today.  Do you guys ever do that?  During the week, plan all of the productive things you're going to get done come Saturday?  If you're like me, you sometimes PLAN to do a little more than you actually do...After falling asleep on the couch last night and proceeding to sleep there until morning, never mind that my bed is 20 feet away from the couch, I continued to be lazy all morning long.

Eventually I convinced myself that I had laid around long enough, got in a quick workout (weights + swim...I am officially no longer afraid of the weight machines at the gym! woo!), and headed to panera to work on my school schedule and lesson plans for the first week back.  When I got there, I realized I had forgotten my flash drive that has my school files.  OOPS!  I had to be content with blog stalking and eating delicious food...
When I got home, I grabbed that flash drive and sat down to try to get to work AGAIN...only to find out that the files I needed are still on my school laptop!  I never copied them on!  Gahhhh.  School work attempts FOILED.  Clearly some part of my brain is refusing to admit that it's almost time for school to start.  (I have my last two summer school days Monday and Tuesday, then institute days Weds/Thurs and Mon/Tues next week.  Kids come a week from Wednesday!)

Speaking of school starting, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO SUMMER???  I can't believe it is already almost over.  Things I will miss most: hours of reading time, scheduling my entire day around working out if I feel like it, staying up late for no reason, beach days, easy cash tutoring, and no grading papers.  Oh summer, you are so wonderful.  See you next year...

What will you miss most about summer?

Are you productive on weekends?


  1. I already miss summer too! And my Saturday is totally turning out to be extremely unproductive, but it's not my fault! It's my dog's fault for eating something he shouldn't have and having to go to the vet! Oh well, enjoy your last weekend before planning/school starts back!

  2. so true about summer...i am so sad. i am so terrible at being productive. i always have the best plans to get all this work done and then i do the minimal. boo. enjoy your last bit of summer!!!!

  3. I am productive one day of the weekends, and tend to sleep the other. I slept about 20 hours in the past 24... no joke. I slept till 11 and then took TWO naps!

    And I'll miss my campers most of all. While I'm excited to teach grades one and two in september (because here, school doesn't start till the day after labour day!), what I love about day camp is getting to hang out with the campers (almost as if the kids are my peers, sometimes), and just PLAY with them.

    Oh, and this is Elmo (and my campers now call me Elmo, too!). I think it's my turn to write, but I'm not sure, so I'll email this weekend at some point anyways.

  4. I will miss having NO obligations, watching all the morning shows during the week, and still having energy after 3:30. I think you may need to do a post on all the great things about being back in school again. I need to be educated on that!

  5. Seriously! I can't believe its already almost time to go back...

  6. I ALWAYS over plan what I'm going to get done on the weekends - so I feel your pain :). This was the fastest summer ever!! I miss it already - professional development week starts tomorrow for me!

  7. I will miss being on my own time rather than someone elses, being able to read to my heart's content and just spending time doing what *I* want to do :)


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