October 31, 2011

Halloween should NEVER be on a Monday...

PHEW!  I don't mean to sound like the Halloween Grinch, but October 31st is NOT my favorite holiday!!!  It is especially not my favorite holiday when it lands on a MONDAY.  I mean come on.  Honestly.  Shouldn't Halloween by like Thanksgiving and on the last Friday (or even better...Saturday) of October or something like that every year?  Because if my kids were SQUIRRELS today, I don't even want to think about what they're going to be like tomorrow!!!!  I am just hopping I catch them in the post-sugar high comatose state, which is greatly preferred to the oh so wonderful I-ate-skittles-for-breakfast hyperactive state or the I-stayed-up-til-2am-eating-candy-and-watching-scary-movies-and-now-I-hate-everything cranky post-sugar high state...I can't believe I have to go back and teach 4 more days this week when every kid in America has probably convinced themselves that it's the weekend.  YIKES!!!
Okay enough complaining.  I promise I did have a small Halloween celebration. I'm not dead inside. ;)  Holidays are really low-key at my school.  Being a low-income school means that we don't have room moms planning elaborate holiday parties with games, crafts, and fancy food.  Parents send in a few treats and we play bingo.  Nothing too special, but for the kids it's a welcome break from our rigorous daily schedule!  Now cross your fingers for me for tomorrow...eek.

Anyways, this weekend was the first year in probably forever that I didn't at least SOMEWHAT celebrate Halloween.  This was largely due to the fact that I had a race Sunday morning, so I spent Saturday night relaxing and going to bed early!  More about the race later tho. :)  Let's get to the real highlight of the weekend...I spent the day Saturday doing something I love at least equally as much as teaching and running: shoe shopping, of course!   Teacher Mom (aka my actual mom) and I spent waaay too much money at Shoe Mecca (aka DSW) this weekend.  Oh goodness.  You guys, I love shopping.  But even more than I love shopping, I love a bargain.  Teacher Mom instilled this love in me practically at birth.  We stepped into Shoe Mecca with a mission: comfy teacher shoes for Mom and boots for me.  After trying on nearly every pair of shoes in the store, we settled on 2 pairs of teacher shoes for mom (that I gave the "not too ugly" stamp of approval) and one way too expensive pair of gorgeous boots for me (that didn't remind me too much of cowboy boots).
What's that?  You thought I said I love a good bargain, only to admit I spent more than is reasonable on a pair of boots around which I will likely end up buying full outfits because as of now they go with a total of 2 pairs of pants and 1 skirt in my closet?  Oh just wait.  After our successful venture through the main floor we entered...THE CLEARANCE SECTION.  Does anybody else's heart just start racing when they are faced with a rack of discount shoes all in their size?  No?  Just me?  Teacher Mom and I both fell in love with this unbelievable pair of heels that sadly weren't available in the right size for either of us...
Teacher Mom rocked these.  Too bad they were suicide-tight.
It was hard to say goodbye...but I did convince Teacher Mom to buy a fabulous pair of strappy sandals.  Of course, I picked up a few clearance pairs for myself...
Besides my shoe buying adventures and a cold and windy 10K race yesterday, my weekend also included a good 5 hour block of laying on the couch yesterday watching The Office since, you guessed it, I have another cold.  This time, though, I don't think I can blame the kids--my sniffly nose started up as soon as I started the race yesterday and hasn't let up since!  Ugh!!!
What did you do this weekend?


  1. Oh my goodness! Today was nuts. I can only imagine how tomorrow will be... the next five years of Halloweens will be very interesting.

    Also -I LOVE The Office. Great choice! :)

  2. I hear ya'! My 5th graders were beside themselves today. We are a low income school also, and YET they celebrate this holiday to the max! I try to look at it as time spent together with a family....ok, I know that's a stretch. Anyway...good luck tomorrow. We're all gonna need it!

  3. I'm with you all! Most of my 6th graders came to school less-than-ready (and less-than-willing) to do much of anything. We have a no-Halloween/no treats policy, so we did math twice and waited for the big hand go 'round the clock!

    Good luck TOMORROW, BlogFriends!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. Oh gosh, so with you! Thought I might have to peel my boys off the ceiling!


  5. ahhhh!!! those shoes are tooooo cute!!! thinking of you today....hope the kids are semi "normal" if that is possible ;)

  6. Halloween itself was okay. We had a small harvest party after last recess. I brought them cider, donut holes and we had caramel apple slices for a writing activity in the morning. It was low-key and calm.

    Today..not so much :/


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