March 3, 2012

A Frozen Run + A New Instrument of Torture

I don't know about what the weather's been like where you live, but this has been the weirdest winter EVER here.  Chicago is notorious for bizarre temperature fluctuations--it is not at all uncommon to use the heat and AC in the same day.  But this winter has been downright crazy.  Temperatures have been all over the place!   One day it will feel like spring, then the next we'll have 6 inches of snow dumped on us, and it will be completely melted the next day!  Then two days later we'll have frozen rain and the streets will be like sheets of ice.  (At least we didn't have any -30 windchill days like we did out here last February, although that resulted in a day off school!)  Even though I swore I'd run outside all winter, this weird weather has confined me to the treadmill more often than I'd like!  

Today I laid in bed for an hour, wavering back and forth about whether I wanted to hit the roads outside for my run, and eventually I told myself to suck it up and get out there.  It was over 30 degrees afterall, and I'd persevered through a run in 12 degree weather a few months ago!  Little did I know there were 25mph winds...windy days are where I usually draw the line!  I managed to get through 5 miles though and it wasn't TOO terrible, although it took about an hour for my hands and face to unthaw after!!  When I tried writing down the run in my training log, my fingers were like little claws and it looks like an 8 year old boy printed it.  Oh well!
This picture is totally out of focus, but I think it still captures my RED and FROZEN cheeks and nose!  
I could barely even smile...That's what I get for thinking I didn't need a scarf...

I had a big set-back for my April half-marathon training when I fell and hurt my knee on the ice in January, and then took 2 more weeks off of working out during my epic cold/sinus-infection/disgusting sickness fest in February.  Time off running means both out-of-shapeness and tight IT bands for me!!  I put in a 5 mile "long run" today, and should still be on track to be ready for the Kentucky Derby Half-Marathon at the end of April. Can I just say that I can't wait for spring running weather???  Winter kind of sucks...

In other news, since my Grid foam roller has no longer been "cutting it" with my tight IT bands, let me introduce you to my newest torture device:
Yes, that is a PVC pipe aka my new "foam roller."  Ouch.  It hurts.  Like crazy.  But it is so, so good...The good news is that things are loosening right up as I get back into my running/stretching/yoga routine.  

Also, see the Banjee on my wrist there?  Remember in my review I said that I loved the Banjee except for the fact that it was pretty loose on me?  It fits PERFECTLY over a long sleeved shirt.  Looks like I will be using the Banjee for winter running and the SPIBand for warmer short-sleeved runs.  Love them both tho!

What are you most looking forward to in Spring?
I am looking forward to spring running weather, not having to scrape ice off my car, not freezing at door duty in the mornings, and most importantly SPRING BREAK in Florida with my family to meet me new niece!
I know.  Most beautiful baby ever, right?

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