February 27, 2012

Zensah Running Bra Review + New See-Me-Run Giveaway Winner

I feel so lucky to have had so many great running gear review opportunities!  It's awesome to get to try things out and share my favorites with you.  Most recently I had the opportunity to review the Zensah running bra.  You might have seen me sporting my Zensah compression sleeves in pictures on the blog. I am in love with them.  (I just found out they come in tie-dye print...hold me.)
Compression Love at Girls on the Run practice last year :)
 Until somewhat recently, I didn't realize that Zensah made more products than just compression wear.  It turns out they have a huge selection of fitness apparrel and gear.  I am super excited to tell you about their running bra.
Nice and Sweaty, but still comfortable!

From  the Zensah website:
Finding a proper fitting running bra is essential. Runners know that many running bras often feature seams or rough fabric that causes chaffing and irritation. We at Zensah understand this and have developed the most comfortable running bra within the running market. Each running bra is made our propriety Zensah fabric - meaning the running bra is thermal regulating, as well as moisture wicking. The Zensah Running Bra will help to keep dry when you go running.  Running Bra Features:

*Seamless design = no chaffing
* Anti-Bacterial
* Superior Comfort from the proprietary Zensah fabric in each Running Bra
* Thermal Regulating
* Moisture Wicking - to prevent the running bra from becoming heavy with perspiration
*Available in 10 colors including pink!

I tried this bra on one of my mid-week runs and was really pleased with the fit and comfort level.  The bra is super soft and 100% seamless and tagless.  I feel like this SHOULD be the case with all sports bras, but it's totally not.  This bra was so comfortable because of this!  Also, true to the description, the bra definitely had a "cool" feeling and didn't soak up sweat like some bras that claim to be wicking.  It stayed comfortable and cool on my whole run, and I can't wait to try it out on a sweaty summer run.  (Speaking of summer, why is it still February?  I don't know about you guys, but I've had about enough winter...)  I also love the fact that the back comes in to a more narrow racer-back than some of my other sports bras.  One of my pet peeves is when I can feel sports bras hitting my shoulder blades, so this was a plus for me.
For me, the bra was supportive and did a job well done, but as I'm sure you noticed from the pictures, I'm not exactly busting out of it.  It's definitely a medium-impact bra, great for running for bra sizes up to a small/medium C-cup probably, but would be better suited for low-impact workouts like yoga for anyone bigger than that.

Possibly one of the coolest bonus features about this bra is that it comes in a 9 different color choices.  I impulsively picked pink (shocking, I know), but now I'm totally wishing for the baby blue or neon pink.  So many great color choices!  Visit the Zensah website to check out the running bra for yourself as well as some of their other cool products.

Oh, and last but not least, the winner of my See-Me-Run giveaway never claimed her prize, so the new winner is...
Jen, email me by Wednesday to claim your prize!

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this post reflect my own views and opinions.  I was provided with one free running bra to review, but received no additional compensation to express a particular opinion.


  1. great review friend! i always think the same thing...i hear about zensah sleeves but never think to realize that they might have other fantastic products as well :)

  2. I didn't even know they made a bra. I have two of their running skirts and compression socks and love them all!

  3. Huh! Good to know. Thanks for sharing!

    My Running Shortz

  4. So what do you like better...the zensah bra or the handful bra? Curious on your thoughts before I purchase....

    1. For me it depends on the activity. The Zensah bra is definitely more comfortable IMO for running, but I LOVE the fit and feel of the Handful for yoga and even just for wearing with regular clothes (although I know others who love running in it). Depends what you are looking for!


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