February 8, 2012

Amazing Discovery (Handful Bra FTW!)

Remember when I shared way too much information about my bra size with you a few months back?  I swear it was all relevant information--I was professing my love for my Handful bra aka the only sports bra in the history of the world to NOT make me feel like a 10 year old...boy.  While I am still mostly loyal to my Adidas sports bras for running, the Handful bra has become my go-to bra for any type of cross training, especially yoga, and for plenty of non-gym activities.  I also love using the little drawstring bag it comes in for plenty of things besides washing the bra.  Case in point: it's currently holding my swim cap and goggles in my gym bag.  VERSATILE.  Since I am something of a spendthrift, I LOVE when an item can "multitask"!
This weekend, though, I discovered yet another amazing benefit of the Handful bra.  Oldest Brother LOVES a good theme party and was hosting a tiki/luau themed party at his house last Saturday, costume required.  Since I don't own a huge amount of Hawaiian clotheing (or any...), I decided to go with a beach cover-up over a bathing suit.  Somehow I figured that my TYR diamond back suit wasn't quite in keeping with the theme, so I rummaged deep into the back of my dresser and found a top from a 2 piece suit.  When I was about to put it on, I noticed that one of the removable pads was missing and was nowhere to be found in my drawer.  I considered going without, but...well...like I said before, my, um, chest is not my BEST asset.  Sometimes a girl just needs a little help, amIright?  (Don't get me wrong--I LOVE my body, and long ago embraced my flat chest, but still.  It's nice to feel like a girl!)  Anyways, I puzzled for a minute or two over the lopsided swim suit, then spotted my Handful in the drawer.  INSPIRATION STRUCK.

I pulled the removable pads out of the Handful and put them in the bathing suit top.  They fit perfectly!  Not only that, they gave the top a great, flattering shape, and actually made it way more supportive than a regular bathing suit top.  Check out the comparison between the original pads that came with the suit and the Handful pads:

The best part was that they made my cheapie Target swim suit feel much like higher-quality suit in about 1 minute.  I will definitely be using the Handful pads in my suit all summer, and probably even buying an extra set.  Handful sells additional sets of pads for $10 here.  Oh, and of course I won't leave you without a picture from the I wish it were summer Party Tiki Party:
Me & Oldest Brother--Ready for Summer!


  1. i still have yet to try a handful but hear such great things...and now know that they are versatile! i need to get on with trying one! haha!

  2. ok...gonna have to try me one of these:)

    that's a great photo!!!

  3. You found one of our best secrets!!! All my swimsuits have handful pads in them....yep, they are awesome! Love the post.

    1. Jody, I put my handful pads in my suits too!!

  4. Awesome! I love love love my handful bras! I didn't know you could get extra pads. Yippie!! I lost some of mine in Maui since I put them in my swimsuit in Maui and took them out to change and left them on a boat. boo. Then handful bra with my pads doesn't look nearly as good on me.

  5. what an awesome idea!!!!! and I love handful. I recommend them to anyone that needs a boost in their chest :)


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