February 5, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

Every weekend I have grand plans that I am going to ACCOMPLISH THINGS on Saturday.  Grade that stack of papers I've been carrying around for longer than I want to admit.  Type up the billion sets of plans I'm making these days.  (Lesson Plans, Guided Reading Plans, Reading Intervention Plans...oh my.)  Vacuum.  Do laundry.  Dust.  Get that sink of dirty dishes squared away.

Then, every Saturday I pretty much end up relaxing and doing none of these things....oops.  Oh well.

Today, it's happening.  I am conquering the To-Do list.  Since I am not participating in any Super Bowl festivities, I am going to be P R O D U C T I V E.  I am going to start out Monday this week with a clean apartment, an empty dishwasher, and closet full of clean clothing that is actually put away.  I SWEAR!  AND I am GOING to grade those papers!!!

But first, pancakes. :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

What's on your To-Do list right now?

Are you watching the Super Bowl today?


  1. My to-do list is way longer than I am willing to admit to at the moment ;)

    My mom just took my girls out for a movie and The Husband is at work so I will finally start on my big ole stack. I am HOPEFUL to get through it all since The Husband will be at a Super Bowl party tonight. I would love to add cleaning my house to my list but I think it is already way too full!

  2. Oh My...I loved this post! I can totally realte as a teacher...mother...the weekends are filled with so many things to do...but somehow lately I find more excuses not to do them! and quite honestly...I haven't cared! I NEED the spring to come i guess...

    I'm a new follower and a newbie blogger...come give me some motivation!

    Definately watching the super Bowl today...Live in NY, so GO GIANTS!!!

  3. Too much! Like you I enjoyed a lazy Saturday (after five days of school madness it always feels necessary, no?). Have written reports and graded books - now grading papers and ironing and chores beckon! Enjoy the pancakes!

  4. Amy, You crack me up!
    I am also trying to accomplish a lengthy To-Do list.. except I manage to procrastinate very well when I make my list. I can find a million and one better things to do besides those 5 things... So far I have only completed 1 item on my list, so its not looking so good(what am I doing blogging..that is definitely not on my list!)
    Anyways, good luck!
    BTW....Pancakes sound really good right now.

    Miss S
    Just Teaching...Kindergarten

  5. Oh yeah. The dreaded "to-do" list. I used to be much better at sticking with the list. Now I'm sort of "eh, whatever". Not good :)

    My Running Shortz


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