September 3, 2012

Training Tuesday: Track + Trail

While I miss triathlon season already, I'm not sure I miss triathlon training!  It is a challenge to fit in swims, bikes, runs, and bricks during the week and definitely requires a lot more thought and planning than half-marathon training!  Now that tri training is over, I am focusing on training for the Space Coast Half at the end of November, plus training for a 5K PR at one of the races I have on my calendar in September and October.  I am still biking and swimming for my cross training, but it's nice to have the flexibility in my schedule.  

Thursday night I hit the track for a nighttime speedwork session.  I have a love/hate relationship with speedwork.  At first, I really liked it, but after a couple of track workouts, I am not loving it so much...the truth is, it's hard!  
Yep, that's me...collapsed on the track...
I know, I know.  It's supposed to be hard.  That's what training is about, right?  That doesn't mean I have to like it, though!  Training = homework I guess, right?  And homework isn't always fun, but you gotta do it if you wanna see results!  Like them or not, I'm hoping these 400s will help me run a speedy little 5K this fall...
I also got my sleepy self up for another 4am run Tuesday morning last week.  It was...early.  And tired.  My legs felt like they weighed about 300 lbs each.  But I made it three miles before the sun even came up, so mission accomplished.  (I also saw not one but TWO skunks.  Needless to say I kept the other direction!) 
Check me out rocking a face full of sweat, dark circles under the eyes, and my See-Me-Run reflective iron-ons!  Woo 4am!

Over the weekend I took advantage of the day off and drove up to Michigan to visit one of my high school friends who has since moved there.  We had a lovely weekend catching up, drinking local beer outside, walking to get ice cream, and eating delicious food, but one of my favorite parts was my long run Sunday morning.  I headed out for 6 miles in my friend's small town neighborhood with no real plan in mind, but with so much beautiful Michigan nature nearby, my eyes were on the lookout for a trail.  And I found one!!
The trail was dirt and rocks and ran alongside a river in a gorgeous ravine.  So. beautiful.  The only "trails" around where I live are of the paved asphalt variety through forest preserves, so this was a totally new experience for me!  I absolutely LOVED the gorgeous scenery...
But I also just loved the feeling of running on a real trail!  Keeping an eye out for rocks and roots made kept the run interesting and it also slowed me down a little bit, which was perfect for a long run.  Anyone else struggle with slowing down those long runs during distance training?  (And to clarify, ALL of my runs are slow.  My "long slow distance" runs are molasses slow.)  

I found myself wishing I were running further than 6 miles, something that rarely happens!  So jealous that this trail is walking distance from my friend's house!  I am always sad to see the end of summer, but I am super excited about fall running!  Can't wait for cool temperatures, crunchy leaves, and 5Ks.  :)  Anyone with me??

Do you do speedwork?  

Thoughts on trial running?


  1. I've decided that my speed work lately is going to be on the's the only place I think I can my run in at 4:30 am. I'm too scared to run outside at that time. If I had a friend in the area - I would def head to the track! You are awesome for getting it done on the track. & yes, I'm looking forward to cooler temps, long sleeves!

  2. I went to Utah this summer and fell in absolute love with trail running! My brother had a trail that goes along a mountain range that left form his backyard and I am super jealous!

  3. Aw you've inspired me to start running again!

  4. I wish I had a trail near my house-just a dirt road which is still good!

    I am SO SO SO ready for fall temps!! Maybe I will start running more then since I have slacked a little since school started! :)



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