October 8, 2012

Just one more lap...

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You know those days when the universe just seems to be telling you to give up on your workout? Yup, today was one of those days!  However, after having seriously the laziest weekend in history thanks to my latest Netflix obsession, Revenge, I knew that I needed this workout to happen!  Easier said than done, though!
Seriously, amazing show.
This morning I finally rolled out of bed (after watching a couple episodes of Revenge on my phone...), drove my lazy self to the community college, and headed over to the track for a speedwork session.  I had the BEST intentions.  About 100 yds away from the track, however, I noticed a few maintenance guys working on the track--touching up the paint, or something.  UGH!  FOILED!  I was tempted to just run around the campus on the bike trail, but I knew that if I want to nail a 2:29:59 half marathon next month, every speedwork session counts.  I ran a couple errands, watched a few more episodes of Revenge, and gave it another shot later in the day.

When I went to the track for the SECOND time, I not only found a soccer game going on, but also a dozen hurdles laying down around the track...possible covering wet paint??? Who knows!  In any case, by this point it was SO tempting to say screw it to my 7 x 400 and head straight home...especially because I loathe speedwork with a passion.  But no, no, no, I forced myself to get back in my car and drive to another track a few miles away, motivation quickly waning...
As if I wasn't deterred enough by this point, I got stuck in construction on the way to track #2!!!  UGH!
Needless to say, by the time I finally got to the track, I had about this much motivation left.  And 7 speedy 400s to run.  :-/  What's a girl to do.  I'm telling ya, after the FIRST 400 I was about ready to quit.  "Keep going, keep going," I told myself.  I made it through a second lap, then a third.  "Just 4 left," I said...out loud...many times...I made it through a 4th lap, then a 5th, after which I rewarded myself by checking facebook on my phone.  "2 more!"  The whole time, I visualized seeing "2:29:59" on my watch in November.  When I wanted to quit early, I reminded myself that EVERY LAP counts.  Every time around the track brings me closer and closer to achieving that goal.  Also, I bribed myself big time with a pumpkin spice latte reward...
I made it through all 7 400s and was about ready to collapse at the end.  Phew!  But I did it!

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, my Rock Taps stayed put!  I applied it Friday night, and it lasted until I took it off this evening post-run!  WIN!)
How do you stay strong when the motivation is lacking?  Visualization?  Bribery?  All of the above, like me? :)


  1. LOVE Revenge. One of my favorites!

    And, I love reading about all of your running adventures. I have a bum knee, so all I can do right now is ride a bike. Running is my favorite. =(

    Have a wonderful night!

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  2. Generally if I say I am going to do it I do but it isn't pretty! The pumpkin spice latte sounds great.


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