December 30, 2012

Love for 2012

I became an aunt and godmother to the most beautiful, special little girl ever.  My brother and sister in law had their first baby in January 2012, and even though I didn't get to meet her until March, it was love at first sight.
I got to take three trips to Florida to visit said adorable niece.  I wish so much that she lived closer (and my brother and sis in law too!), but the excuse for a few vacations a year in a warm place is pretty great!
Got to enjoy some fabulous beach running too :)
I lost a job I'd been working my ass off at.  It was unfair and completely devastating...but then, it was the best thing ever.  After working for three years giving my heart and soul to teaching 5th grade students, dealing with difficult coworkers and a principal who I was NEVER good enough for, I realized I'd been set free and given a chance to set roots somewhere else.  Everyone told me that things happen for a reason, and after this year I believe more than ever that that is the honest truth.
Job Interview Time!
I completed two sprint triathlons, in the process conquering my fears of open water swimming, transitions, and basically failure in general.  Crossing the finish lines at my first and second tris--and finishing STRONG--were completely unforgettable experiences.  I love this sport.

I packed up my old classroom and embraced a fresh start at my new job teaching 3rd & 4th multiage at a new building working for the principal who'd first hired me at my old school.  It was absolutely the right decision, and I am so. much. happier.  With the new building, the grade change, my new team...everything.
Bye, 5th Grade!

I learned to embrace the 4am workout--as much as I HATE it--and made an early-morning workout happen once or twice a week since school started.
I read 74 1/2 books (still hoping I finish #75 by before the new year to meet my goodreads goal!!).  
Just a few of my favorites...

I ran, biked, and swam my way through a grand total of 11 races.  Some were fast, some slow.  Some felt easy, others felt way tougher.  All of them represent something I never thought I could EVER do.  All of them will be memories I treasure forever.
From the Chicago Perfect 10, one of my favorite ever races

I decided it was FINALLY time to get my slow legs to the track, do some speedwork, and try and get a little bit faster.  For the past few years I've been content to be a "back of the pack" runner.  I will never be fast by any real standards, but thanks to some hard work, I shocked myself by setting PRs in the 5K (finally breaking 30 minutes!), 10 mile, and half marathon.  I never thought I could run miles under 10 minutes, but this year I did!  A year ago if you asked me if I thought I could run 13 miles in under 11 minutes each, I would have laughed.  But I did!  Like I said, I will never be fast, but this year I learned that if I am willing to set big goals, work my ass off, and refuse to settle for less, I can do anything.
PR in Louisville, KY in April!

PR in Cocoa, FL in November!
2012, you've been a great year and certainly an unforgettable one.  
Here's to making 2013 just as packed to the brim with adventures and filled with beautiful memories.


  1. Wow! 75 books is amazing! I think I will add a book number to my new year's resolutions! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Keri! I read almost exclusively teen and children's books I'll admit, and I have summer off, so I plowed through a book every other day in summer. :) perks of teaching!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. It sounds like you had a great year!! I deleted my blog, but now I am still able to follow my favorites via Google Reader. Glad to see you are happier in your new job. And 75 books? Awesome!! I'm pretty proud of myself in that area, too. I read more books this year than I probably ever have! Are you on goodreads? I think the 4:00 AM workout is something I am finally going to try in 2013.

    1. Hi Megan! Great to hear from you! I've missed your blog :) Yup, I sure am on goodreads! Searching for you now! Happy new year--best of luck with the 4am workouts!

  3. Oh! And congrats on all the running/triathlon accomplishments!!!

  4. Sounds like a very successful year in many fronts. Congratulations!

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