January 28, 2014

My Lazy Snow Day by the Hours

Another "Cold Day" here in Chiberia!  Brr.  Yesterday was a LAZY day for me!  I could get used to these three-day work weeks...After tackling laundry, groceries, errands, and grading Saturday and Sunday, yesterday was a gift of a restful day!  Nature must have known I'm still getting over being sick and could use another day in leggings and bulky sweaters under blankets... :)  I decided to document the day in pictures by the hour.  This was so fun to do one day over the summer!

7am: Wake up after crashing at my parents' house last night.  (I was over there to watch the Grammys + Downton Abbey and decided it was too cold out to go home.  Plus, their guest room has a king sized bed.  WIN.)  Remember that I don't have school.  Smile and go back to sleep...
King sized bed = amazing.
 9am: Finally leave my warm and comfortable bed.  Head downstairs to raid my parents' kitchen.  Settle on PB & banana oatmeal which I devour while watching last week's Modern Family in front of the tv.  

10am: Bundle up and brave the cold to drive home to my apartment.  Shower and make coffee.  Catch up on email.

11am: Settle in with the Bon Iver Pandora station and my lesson plans.  Anyone else hate writing Guided Reading plans?  I love teaching Guided Reading, but planning for all of my groups every weekend is the bane of my existence.  Plan for two of my groups.

12pm: Get the call that school is cancelled again Tuesday!  Celebrate by pressing pause on my guided reading plans and gathering the fixings for my favorite lentil soup.  Cook a big pot--much better than lesson planning!

Finish up the soup and make lunch.  Trader Joe's Pizza Veggie Burger on a WW English muffin + celery with greek yogurt and kale dip.  YUM!

1pm: Curl up under a blanket and get some blog posts written for the week.

Watch Switched at Birth in the background.  I am so hooked on this show--it's totally my new guilty pleasure.  It's pretty awful, but one of the main characters is Deaf, and there is tons of signing on the show.  I'm telling myself it's fine that I'm watching it because I'm practicing my signing.  Totally makes it ok, right? :)

2pm:  Search for and book a flight to Austin, TX for a spontaneous weekend getaway next month!
My best friend has been in grad school in Texas working on his pHd for the last 5 years...and I have yet to visit him!  When we talked on the phone Sunday and I complained about the frigid cold here, he said I should come down for a weekend.  Later that day when I was procrastinating my grading, I started casually browsing flights.  Then I kind of just decided, why not?  I haven't taken any personal days yet this year, and it would be so nice to go somewhere warm and see my friend.  So today I went for it!
So excited to go for a run together in the Texas sun!
Oh, and I wish I could say I didn't watch even more Switched at Birth, but I totally did...I can't help myself. :)
3pm: Read and try to warm up under a blanket
Oh, and discover this amazing gem thanks to one of the interpreters at school!  Frozen + ASL...dreamy.
4pm: Read some more and enjoy a snack
Take a PARCC sample test...and become terrified about the fact that this will be our new standardized test next year.  I struggled with a couple of the 3rd-5th questions!!!
5pm: Errands and my 3-month follow-up appointment with my Lasik doctor...good news, eyes are 20/15 combined!!  Bionic vision HOLLA!
Okay, okay, this is a recycled photo...but I felt creepy taking a pic in the waiting room.  #badblogger
6pm: My first day back to working out since being sick with a boring hour-long ride on the bike trainer...obv watching Switched at Birth in the background...(addictive personality much???)
7pm: Bike trainer continued...this is getting really boring!
Bike selfies to pass the time...bike trainer minute = longest minute ever.
Dinner = lentil soup + red wine
8pm + 9pm: Catch up on a little more email, finish another blog post, treat myself to another 1/2 glass of wine (come on, double snow days deserve a celebration, am I right?) with a little tv in the background.

10pm: Book + early bed.  :)

And that's it!  Laziest day ever, right?  Love it.  Unfortunately today will not be as lazy.  I'm tutoring/babysitting this morning followed by a workout and finishing up my school work.  Gotta say, it was nice to have 4 days to complete the grading and planning I needed for the week instead of 2!

Stay warm, guys!


  1. Soooo jealous! I've been bursting with jealousy this winter whenever I see these posts about snow/cold days. I moved from Chicago to Alaska…really thought that would mean I would get MORE snow days. Haha. Looks like a lovely, lazy day :)

  2. I would have loved a cold day!! Schools in NY were cancelled but I was one of the "LUCKY" ones that had to report to work b/c the HS stayed open for the state exams. They did not want to be unfair by having the elem. teacher stay home. (Insert groan). Your day looks so nice!

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