January 9, 2014

Things I'm Loving Thursday

The fact that January is going to FLY BY at school!
Between winter break last week, not one but TWO snow days (cold days?) this week, a short week for conferences next week, MLK day after that...oh my!  Love that we get to eeeeease back into this whole school thing before the February craziness of standardized test prep begins. :-)

Kale, kale, kale!
Kale is seriously my new favorite food.  Well, at least anything with kale in it is my new favorite food.  I shared in my 13 in 13 post that I am totally addicted to this lentil soup with kale.  That was only the beginning.

Since my kale discovery (I know. I am so late to this party.), I've been making kale with spaghetti squash, sauteed kale with eggs, whole wheat pasta with kale...yum.
I am officially registered for two June triathlons: Esprit de She sprint tri in Naperville, IL on June 8th and Pleasant Prairie Olympic tri in PP, Wisconsin on June 22nd.  Woohoo!  With triathlons on the calendar and on the brain, this means a return to regular swimming (and cycling...but let's not talk about that right now...this is a "things I'm loving" post after all, right?) Anyways, even though the weather outside is downright scary here in Chiberia as we've recently renamed ourselves, the pool is still delightful.  I am determined to swim freestyle at these tris (I swam breast stroke during my first 3 tris...), and I'm pumped that I'm already seeing an improvement in my freestyle stamina.  Form, that's another story. :)
Anybody else still have a huge pile at home from student Christmas gifts???  No complaints here.  I put a pretty good dent in it during my snowed-in time on the couch, but there is still more to be eaten... #firstworldproblems.
Almond milk with coffee ice cubes
I saw this one on pinterest the other day and immediately had to try it out.  I poured my leftover coffee into an ice tray, froze it, then poured almond milk over a handful of cubes for an amazingly delicious post workout beverage.  So. Good.  Now, what else can I use these coffee ice cubes for??  Thinking they would make a pretty delicious addition to PB banana smoothies...hold me.
And last but not at all least...the fact that I am going to be an aunt again!
Yup, big brother and sis in law (aka parents of my sweet little niece) are expecting a little boy in May, and I couldn't be more thrilled!  We just found out the gender yesterday, and I'll admit I was hoping for a nephew!  So excited for my wonderful brother and his growing family.  
Soon there will be two little cuties to spoil!

What are you loving this week?


  1. Yay for being an aunt again, so exciting! I am loving my kettlebell these days

  2. I love that I got 5 days in (or will) and the week kind of flew by. Also loving all the good books people are lending me.

  3. The coffee cubes idea is brilliant! Love it! I agree that January will fly by. We are almost halfway through and I've only worked 2 days of it!


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