April 9, 2014

Swirlgear Ladies Night

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to enter to win my Caramel CLICK protein powder giveaway!

Last Thursday evening I met Alyssa at the Barrington Running Company for a ladies night sponsored by Swirlgear, an awesome new-ish Chicago based company that makes women's running clothes.  I bought two tops from them when I joined their brand ambassador program last fall, and I love the both.  In fact, I wore both for my half marathon Sunday.  I have been dying to check out their new line in person since it can be so hard to get a sense of the fit of running clothes online.  
 Alyssa and had a great time catching up, comparing notes about tri training and bemoaning our boring bike trainers, and of course trying on the Swirlgear.  Guys, this stuff rocks.  Not only are the colors and prints fun, but the quality is amazing.
It was great to meet Marisa from Swirlgear too!  I was dying to check out the allover spray dyed capris--I'll admit, I have been stalking these babies on the Swirlgear website since they first previewed the new line a month or two ago.  These things are so amazing-looking.  Alyssa rocked them!
One item I tried that I originally hadn't been interested in based on the website pics was the new tank with back ruching, but after trying it on I LOVE IT.  It is everything I love in a running tank--long, loose, flowy.  The back ruching is adorable, and there is even a side pocket.   

Just a note--you probably don't want to pair the tie dyed capris and the tie dye tank...Ladies, that is just more tie dye than any one girl can handle...
Whoa. So much tie dye.

Not that I needed more running clothes, but you better believe I came home and ordered three pieces from the new line...I'm in denial that my running top drawer won't close and definitely won't hold another top!  (I have a separate drawer for bottoms...)  
I have a sickness...

To purge the running shirts drawer...or buy a third dresser...decisions, decisions.
What makes an item the perfect piece of running clothing for you?  For me, tops need to be long and loose.


  1. Cute cute! I love longer flowy tops too. Looks like a fun event!

  2. If you ever need to purge running tops, you have a friend here who only owns two at the moment...

    The problem that you have with running gear, I have with socks. I have over a hundred pairs. It's sorta nuts.

  3. I ordered those tie dye capris and the flowy top in the purplish color, I CANNOT wait to get them! Sounds like you had a blast!!

  4. CUTE! I pre ordered that tank you tried on with the ruching on the back so I am delighted to read your rave review about it. Did you try on the long sleeve shirts, I ordered one of those too :)

    1. I totally forgot to try on the long sleeves, Christy! They are super pretty in person tho! I ordered the grey one. Can't wait to get the new stuff in May!

  5. So cute! I was wondering about the capris but they look awesome. I will have to snag a pair. Thanks for the post!

    Rachel @ runningonhappy.com

    1. They run on the loose side, so definitely size down!!

  6. Seriously, Swirlgear is one of the best discoveries I have ever made for running clothes! And I pre-ordered those capris too :)

  7. Thanks for inviting me! I had a great time and I am super excited for my capris to get here! I skipped ordering a top because I am not allowed to buy anymore before I purge some old ones! I have two drawers of workout clothes and they don't close.


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