July 31, 2009

Furniture Moving: Take 3

After attempting to arrange the furniture in my classroom both yesterday and Wednesday (with neither day coming to any even remotely functional arrangement), today my mom and I finally figured out a layout! Thanks, mom, for having the spatial skills and design ideas that my brain lacks! My new setup has a reading corner (or what will be a great place for reading once i bring in a rug and pillows, oh, and the books!), a functional desk area for me, a couple independent work stations, a place to set all my materials when I'm teaching, and a great place to lead reading groups and for group work. I could use another table for group work, although I don't think my odds of getting one are very high...

I feel much calmer now that things are where they belong, and I'm excited to start decorating. So many ideas...Now that the room is arranged, it's already starting to feel more like home. Once it's completely ready, I know that I will be so excited for school to start. But for now I'm still nervous :)

Some pictures of the room (it's so long that I couldn't get it all in one frame!):

The Reading Corner: the angle doesn't do it justice, but it will be fabulous with another bookshelf, my pillows, and my teacher chair. It's right next to my amazing window nook, which will be perfect for curling up with a book. This is right when you walk in the room, across from the door.

Straight back from the reading nook, I have my main desks area and the white board. This is where I'll do most of my teaching. I'm not sure about the desk arrangement, but it's a start!

My Desk: Here's my mom, posing at my desk. Yes, she's holding a tambourine. I love that my desk is by a window now--perfect. This is so much nicer than where it was at first, on the other side of the room in back. Now it's more in the middle/towards the front.

Well, it certainly feels good to have that figured out. Who knows if it'll still be as good once I start teaching, but for now it's a start! Ooh and another exciting thing from today was finding a stack of Spiderman comic books at a rummage sale :) Perfect for my reluctant readers. And only $.10 each!

Now it's time to take a break from thinking about school for the weekend...Next week though is our school planning retreat, followed by me spending the rest of the week in my room, working. Hopefully it's a productive week!

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  1. Amy that looks great! I can't wait to see it in person. I think you definitely made the right decision about the desk, and I never thought about devoting that whole corner to reading - what a great idea!

    And yes, you inspired me to blog :-)
    It is rather theraputic, isn't it?


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