July 7, 2009

getting ready for school part 1

i told myself that today would be the day i tackle that reading curriculum teacher edition and figure out how to teach this series. i taught language arts during student teaching, of course, but my teacher and i didn't stick whole-heartedly to the district's reading series. we taught some lessons from it, read and worked with the stories, but mostly just got ideas from the series and created our own activities.
well, my district this year wants me to be pretty by the book, so i have to figure out how to make this series work for me. i'm VERY intimidated by the million and a half lessons/activities the series expects me to cram in every week...and put it off even trying to wade through it. last night, i said today would be the day.

so naturally, i decided that this morning (instead of doing the reading stuff), i just HAD to start organizing that gigantic pile of teacher stuff that i've been collecting. i now have five boxes of books with my last name written neatly inside each cover, and boxes for each of the following things: organizational stuff for room, decorations for room, supplies, games, prizes, toys and fun things for room. somehow it looks just as disorganized as it did before i started... i cannot wait to get some of this stuff out of my house and into my classroom!

sigh...i guess i'm out of excuses now and should probably crack open the text book...wish me luck!

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