August 11, 2009

teacher, do you believe in me?

Today was my first day of new teacher induction week. You know what that means--yes, it's almost time for school! Believe it or not. While today was very overwhelming, it got me excited about my district and my school. Over the past few years, both have implemented a bunch of programs to help their students boost test scores, achieve in the regular classroom (without special ed. pullouts), and reach their highest potential. And it's really showed with the huge gains all of the district schools have been making. I'm excited to be a part of a district that really emphasizes professional collaboration and makes sure that teachers have the time, resources, and support to intervene when students aren't learning (more about this in my next post when I review my most recent read: Whatever It Takes).

While I learned an incredible amount today, the thing that definitely stuck with me the strongest was this amazing video we watched. Even more so than "What do teachers make?" this incredible speaker impressed upon me both the importance and seriousness of my job, as well as got me super excited about teaching. Watch it. AMAZING.

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