August 30, 2009

highs & lows

Once again reflecting on the first week, I decided it might be nice to think about the highs and lows:

-getting my new computer :)
-reading aloud Thank You Mr. Falker and having the kids give me complete 100% attention
-helping the kids write their bio poems with piano music playing in the background (and having my principal peek in right at that time)
-when we wrote our class rules, having one student suggest that we sign them, frame them, and then refer classmates to the framed rules any time they break one (amazing)
-calling parents just to tell them how much I'm enjoying their child
-meeting with my most challenging student's mother, and finding out that she's incredibly supportive and down to earth

-the centers disaster (I won't discuss it again...)
-spending my entire weekend making work packets for the kids to work on during guided reading
-realizing every single second that there are at least 100 things I need to do but never even thought of before then
-waking up at 5am every morning, then falling asleep at 9 on Friday night

Hopefully this week goes smoothly, and the kids didn't forget their carefully practiced routines and procedures over the weekend!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness Amy, I can completely relate to the waking up early and falling asleep early business. And you've already been making parent phone calls?! That's rock star material!

    Soooo many things to do all the time. And do you wake up at least twice in the middle of the night with those things ringing in your ears too? Here's to week number 2!!


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