August 24, 2009


Today was my much anticipated first institute day & meet the teacher evening/cook out. I can describe the day in one word: long. okay, two words: long and exhausting. I got to school at about 7:15 this morning and left at 8:15 tonight. Yikes. While I realize that this is the first of many long evenings at school, at least I won't have kids until 7:30 every night! Hopefully my body gets the memo that it's not in college anymore and gets it SOON!!! When one of my team mates asked me today what I'm going to do about my naps (I am a HUGE napper. Love em. Like, 2 hour naps are ideal...Somehow I think those ended with my summer..), I responded that that's why I have so many pillows in my reading corner. 20 minute snooze after school? Done.

Aside from being exhausting, meeting my students and families tonight was really great. As nervous as I was, the really seem like great, friendly kids (save for a few shy ones and a few who seem to be in denial about summer's end...). I am SO excited to get to know them better tomorrow!

While I already have a million things to do and a pile of papers on my desk to sort through, I am planning on just taking the next few weeks one day at a time...We'll see how tomorrow goes :) In the mean time, at 9:02pm, I am going to bed. I am either officially old, or officially a teacher.

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  1. you're a teacher, because I was in bed at 9:00 too :-)


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