September 3, 2009


It's 5:33 am as I'm writing this, and I've already been up, showered, and dressed. As I wait for my bowl of oatmeal to cool, let me just share a couple of the frustrations I'm experiencing...

1. Math. I have been told to go in order, lesson by lesson, through the chapter. Thus, I am going in order. My frustration: My team who gives me a quiz to give to my class (oh common assessments...) this week, when at least a third of it isn't covered in the book until next week. Umm, huh?

2. Guided Reading. Just when I thought what I was doing with the kids this week while I was with my groups was working, I was informed yesterday by one of my teammates that she has been hearing that the principal doesn't want the kids working on individual seat packets during that time. I guess I should actually ask the principal, because it seems like I get very different opinions from everyone I talk to, including the literacy coaches...

3. ISAT preparation and pressure. Already. Let me summarize my emotions in the following "note" to my team:

Dear team,

Please do not mention ISATS to me for at least a month. Currently, I am not even going one day at a time, but one hour. I'm not sure what I'm doing after lunch today. Right now, I'm not sure I'm even teaching right, since no one is watching and letting me know. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. If I single handedly bring down our grade's scores, I apologize. But please, continue discussing how we should probably be giving a math extended response every week only if you want to see me have a heart attack.

Miss Teacher

Anyways...I'm hoping to leave for school by 6 to begin tackling my pile of worry and things to do...

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