September 9, 2009

um, perhaps I should rethink this outfit

In July (which feels a million years ago), I blogged about the second grade student in my summer gifted program who told me I looked "about 14." Those of you who know me know that it's one of my pet peeves for people to think I'm younger than I am. I guess I don't want people to think I look OLD, but I'd at least like to look my age! Anyways, I feel like I am constantly getting carded or given weird looks when I say I've actually finished college and have a job. When I'm trying to represent myself as an adult and a professional in my school, it makes me CRAZY for people to think I look young! (Yeah, I know. I do look young. No need to point it out...)

ANYWAYS, this morning, I had a flashback to July when a student commented upon seeing me in the hallway before school, "Miss Teacher, you look like a teenager today! You look 16!"

Me: "Oh...well, I'm not..."

The irony??? I was wearing the same outfit as the "You look 14" incident from summer. Who knew Ann Taylor bermuda shorts and pearl earrings translate to teenager. I'm never wearing a headband again... :)

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