September 10, 2009

professional development, substitutes, daily 5 oh my

Today I feel...exhausted. If only there was an emoticon smiley for yawning. After a long day of professional development workshop during which I learned about PLCs (professional learning communities) but also spent lots of time whispering to Miss R about Daily 5 among other things (yes, I see the irony here. I complain daily about my frustration with my chatty students, yet I talk to my neighbor during this presentation. I am a bad person), I was lucky enough to have dinner with my college roommates and have one of them even help me in my classroom a little bit. Who knew how much work preparing for a sub is?

My to-do list is crazy long and includes some serious grading that I have been neglecting...but part of it involves going to IKEA this weekend to buy book boxes and bean bags for my class. Any reading program that encourages me to shop must be good! My plans for Daily 5 are pretty much ready for next week (Thanks Mrs. J!!! You rock!), and as long as it goes as well in practice as I'm hoping in my perfect classroom in my head, it will be fine. Math is another story (and please don't even mention science and social studies to me for another few weeks). But, as I am trying to remember, I will get it all done. It will be fine.

Okay, off to bed so I can rest up for another long day of PLC presentations...i better bring some grading with tomorrow :)

Good teachers are those who know how little they know. Bad teachers are those who think they know more than they don't know. R. Verdi
^Well, I know that I know very little. So maybe that makes me a good teacher? I think I like this R. Verdi, whoever he is! :)

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