January 3, 2010

Overreacting? Probably.

As the last hours of winter break dwindle away, I can't help but get nervous about going back to school tomorrow.  While I know it should be know big deal, it feels so much like the first day of school all over again (except I am even more nervous, because now I am starting to think about ISATs!).  What if I forget to copy something in the morning?  What if I forget someone's name?  What if the kids forgot EVERYTHING they learned before break?  What if they are incredibly off task because they forgot how to behave in a classroom???

Obv, the list goes on.  No matter how many times I look over my plans, I still feel unprepared.  There are so many things to do this week and not enough time to squeeze everything in AND start our ISAT prep.  Plus, I'm starting a social studies unit this week and don't know when I'm ever going to find time to teach that.

I know I am forgetting something for tomorrow...and I'm pretty sure that I will have a hard time sleeping tonight and be extra tired tomorrow.  I've really enjoyed this whole staying up past midnight and sleeping in until 10!  It's been fabulous!  My body isn't going to be too happy when my alarm goes off at 5:30 tomorrow--that is, if I even wake up to hear it!  Note to self: set extra alarms.

I guess I shouldn't be nervous.  I have everything I need ready and once the kids come in it will feel just like a regular day (I hope).  All that's different is I should be extra well rested after 2 weeks. Should being the optimal word. :)

Okay, off to pack up my things and attempt to relax/get some sleep.  Will update tomorrow about the chaos that likely took place in crazy room 202... 

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