January 25, 2010

What made me smile today:

Today, I was glancing through some homework from last week.  Every Thursday, I have the kids do a short writing assignment using their vocabulary words from the week.  I pick a topic or assignment based on the weekly reading theme, and since last week's theme was "get out the vote," they wrote persuasive paragraphs to convince the reader to vote for someone they knew for president.  Well, one of my students who definitely causes his fair share of disruptions in the class wrote about me.  He wrote about that I always cheer the kids up, and that I care about them and make learning fun by teaching them interesting things every day.   He even included a campaign poster on the back that said, "Amy Rocks!" complete with a fist with painted fingernails.  Amazing.  That definitely made me smile on this sleepy, sleepy Monday.

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