April 13, 2010


What if teachers start the school year with a certain amount of energy, like a battery charge, and they have to use that energy to get them all the way until June?

If that's true, then I'd say I've about used up my supply--a little prematurely, I know. I am EXHAUSTED.

I almost nodding off while driving to school yesterday (that's never a good sign for the rest of the day...), and all day long i was a little off. I must have stopped my teaching 10 times and said, "hang on, let me reword that--i'm a little tired today..." because none of my explanations seemed to make any sense. Then, after I finally made it home around 6, all I had the energy to do was eat a PBJ sandwich and promptly pass out on the couch for TWO HOURS. You'd think after all that rest I'd be wide awake this morning? You'd be wrong. I still slept in way past the time I normally wake up and am dead tired again this morning.

How many days until summer???

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