April 14, 2010

Why yes, those were my thoughts exactly...

Me: "Yes, my birthday is next Wednesday."

Student: "That's the same day as the Talent Show!"

Me: "Yes it is..."

Student: "Wow, that's the best birthday present EVER!"

I too was THRILLED that I will be attending the school talent show on my birthday...

1 comment:

  1. I want you to know that I read your blog quite regularly and I enjoy it so very much. I am not a teacher - my last child is leaving high school at the end of this year. I'm not even in your district so no need to worry! But I come from a family of teachers and I love being able to glimpse into their lives - albeit through yours. Thank you for caring so much about the children in your classroom. For wanting to do a good job teaching them. For being the example that I'm sure you are to them. For loving them even on their most unlovable days. I know teacher don't get the credit or the pay they deserve, and yet we as a community are blessed to have people like you, who work so hard even though the rewards are not monetary and the challenges many.


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