April 20, 2010


The only thing that can make me more nervous than seeing the blinking red light on my classroom phone is a vague email from a parent. Yesterday I received one that about had me peeing in my pants with nerves. To sum up, a parent emailed me me and said she had concerns about classroom activities and wanted to meet in person to discuss them as soon as possible.


"What could this mean????" I panicked. At Miss R's advisory (she has become quite the expert at diffusing parent frustrations!), I opted not to email back and called after school to ask for more information and set up an appointment. It turned out that she is concerned because another student has alledgedly been hitting her daughter--one of the very same girls caught up in all the girl drama in my room. Greeeat. My gut says that it's probably something minor and just irritating, but either way it's inappropriate.

I'm not sure how the meeting's going to go this afternoon--I don't really have anything prepared except to listen to the parent and her daughter and attempt to come up with some problem solving ideas. I did invite the asst. principal to sit in on the meeting and I feel good about that decision. I am positive she will be a good presence in the room and help us work something out.

Man oh man...will post later about how the meeting goes!

(the good news, though, is this afternoon I get to go to the book room and pick out new books! sweet!!)

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