July 23, 2011

7 RANDOM Things About Me

The lovely Melinda at I Hate Running gave me a Lovely Blog Award last week!  Aww, thanks Melinda!  Melinda is a ROCKSTAR because not only is she a MOM and a Girls on the Run coach, but she manages to squeeze RUNNING into that busy schedule too!  
Now I guess I have to share 7 random things about me?  Okay, here goes!!!

I can’t snap my fingers.
There isn’t really much to elaborate on for this one…people have showed me how to snap countless times, but I’m convinced there is something wrong with my fingers.  I just plain can’t do it.

Before I took my teaching job, I was deciding between teaching and entering the Peace Corps.
I actually filled out an application, interviewed, and was nominated for a program in the peace corps (a preliminary step before receiving your final “invitation”), and while it was a hard decision, I opted to revoke my application after being offered my teaching job.  While I still dream of service abroad, I know that this was the right decision for me at the time.

It took me until last summer to run my first 5K (even though I’d run off and on for years) because until then I’d been convinced that it wasn’t okay to walk during a race.  Seriously.
I honestly thought that everyone racing in a 5K ran the entire time.  I don’t know why I was convinced of that!  It seems sooo silly to me now! 

My hair color “changes” every few months.
My hair is naturally a very dark, dirty blonde.  I started bleaching and highlighting my hair to be blonder when I was about 15, but before I left for college I decided I was in need of a radical change and dyed it dark brown.  Since then, I have never thought for a minute about going back to blonde, and have experimented with almost every shade of the spectrum between light auburn, medium brown, reddish brown, and dark almost-black brown.  I love shaking things up with a new hair color. :)

Although I've ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher, I went through a phase in 5th grade where I legit wanted to be a magician.
Ummm embarrassing, but true.  No, I was not capable of actually performing any good tricks.  Yes, I put on short magic shows for family anyways.  I am mortified admitting this, and will probably lose at least 10 followers because you will all decide I am way too lame to be friends with anymore...  

I have never *really* stolen anything, but...
...sophomore year in college, my roommates and I *borrowed* a full-length mirror from a random room in the commons building that my roommate discovered while working for the school catering.  It was apparently filled with random full length mirrors, and we decided that one wouldn't be missed if we borrowed it for a few months!  During her catering shift, my roommate hid the mirror in the little meditation chapel in the building because that room was open all night.  Later, we went back in the middle of the night to retrieve it.  I'll bet we looked amazing walking across campus at 1am carrying a huge mirror...and it was snowing on top of everything.

I have been a vegetarian for years and have been a healthy eating nut for longer, but my parents still like to give me a hard time that as a child my favorite restaurant was Kentucky Fried Chicken. 
To say the least, KFC is no longer my “cuisine of choice.”

Now, I'm tagging some other LOVELY bloggers!


  1. It took me forever to figure out snapping :P But eventually I got it even though I still am pretty lame at it. I can do the loud, fingers in the mouth whistle thing though :)

    It is so fun to learn more about the bloggers I enjoy :)

  2. Great list! And that's so cool about the peace corps - do you think you'll ever re-apply?


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