July 20, 2011


Well, it happened.  I started buying back to school supplies.  I am feeling incredibly ambivalent about this...on the one hand, it is more than depressing that summer is ALMOST OVER.  But on the other hand...


Honestly, my love of school supplies is probably one of the top reasons I'm a teacher...oh, and you know, loving kids and wanting to change the world and all that...but also school supplies. :)

Today I did some back to school brainstorming with Mrs. Literacy Specialist (aka alternating between chatting about life and looking at teacher blogs...), and we decided to hit up Walmart to buy some goodies.  After reading this post yesterday at What the Teacher Wants, I decided to pretty much replicate her entire shopping cart. :)  I REALLY want to make these adorable crate seats for my guided reading table!  So when I saw on What the Teacher Wants that crates were only $3.40, Mrs. Lit Specialist and I didn't waste any time!!!  Our crate-filled car post-shopping...
We also totally geeked out when we saw 15 cent folders...umm it's normal to buy out the almost the entire stock of one color, right?  
The best part was definitely the 40 cent composition notebooks.  HOORAY!!!  But just when we thought things couldn't get any better, we saw that they came in 5 other patterened covers besides the normal splotchy.  Of course, that meant crouching on the floor digging through EVERY BOX of notebooks until we could each find 6 of each pattern.  What's a shopping teacher to do but block off the entire aisle with her carts and go to town?!
Baby Lit Specialist "helped" too...
After all that hard shopping, we decided we HAD to cool off with some ice cream...holy yummy peanut butter chocolate!!!  This counts for AT LEAST a couple servings of protein, right?!  
Don't worry, it was at least triple this size before I started eating. :)  You better believe I devoured that baby in less than 10 minutes for fear it would melt and go to waste in the crazy heat...
Note to Self: Add "move to a more moderate climate that does not fluctuate between -10 and 100+ degrees during the course of a year" to the to-do list...

Have you started back to school shopping yet?


  1. haha. that is definitely HOT. and I really love school supplies too. I get so excited about fresh notebook paper...such a dork i know! I love all your awesome finds! and pb choc ice cream is my absolute fave!!

  2. I love your shopping style! (Especially the ice cream at the end!) Those crate seats are going to turn out so adorable :)

  3. You are so on the ball! I need to get with it and get my composition notebooks and folders. I guess now is the time! Woohoo - back to school supplies are the BEST!

  4. I don't even teach and I am tempted by back to school sales. But I *need* new pens and notebooks to make my to-do lists... ;)

  5. My colleagues and I go shopping for stuff right before school starts, but I don't usually buy a whole lot since I don't have a homeroom. I just like to help them spend their money, and maybe get some more Sharpies to add to my collection!

    Question: Do you buy all these supplies for your students so they don't have to buy them or just for extra in case someone loses a folder, etc?

  6. I love this post sooooo much! :)

  7. im not a teacher, but i LOVE back to school shopping!
    i've taken my brother since he started kindergarten (and he is a junior in high school now).
    i cant wait till my little guy needs more than markers and kleenex...lol.


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