July 19, 2011

My Weekend of No Running

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I know it's already Tuesday, but I'm a little behind on recapping my weekend. :)  I've been lazy about setting up internet at my new apartment (I've lived there almost a month already...oops), so blogging is always a challenge!

At physical therapy last Thursday, the PT asked me about my weekend plans.  I commented that since I wasn't running 11 miles as planned, the possibilities were endless.  No need to go to bed at 9 Saturday night after hydrating and resting my legs all day, no need to wake up at 5 Sunday morning or reserve the rest of the day for icing/stretching...what to do with the free time?!?   Since I am going through a MAJOR endorphin-withdrawal, I attempted to fill the weekend with lots of little happy things to take distract myself from the fact that I wasn't running...

Like a super-inexpensive student massage at this massage school...

Followed by this candy-licious bowl of froyo...

You guys already know how I feel about HARRY POTTER!!!!

Some reading & cross training 
(one nice thing about cross training--elliptical and bike are so nice to READ on!!)

Of course some icing thrown in...err lots of icing...

Why not try a new hair color to spice things up??

Believe it or not, I actually cooked.  Yes Dad, I know you're shocked!

I was happy that I could actually enjoy a BEER Saturday night instead of glass after glass of water!  YUM!

What better way to spend Sunday than laying by this gorgeous lake?

This morning involved lots of this: book, coffee, and ice.  BLISS.  (except for the ice part...)

My running life versus my non-running life:
When I'm running, I sleep less, wake up earlier, stay up later, and burn about a million more calories than when I'm not running.  Curiously, I have unlimited energy.
When I'm NOT running, I'm bone tired.  For no reason.  (Somehow, though, my appetite is unchanged...)

When I'm running, I need to go to the grocery store almost twice a week to buy bananas.
When I'm not running, I wait until the cupboards are literally BARE before shopping.

When I'm running, I do laundry almost twice a week.
When I'm not running, I wait until I am just about out of clothes before I deal with washing anything...

I'm sure there are about a million other things, but my endorphin-free brain is already tired just thinking of these!!!  On a positive note though, xrays came back negative from the doctor (although that does NOT rule out a stress fracture--we'll do an MRI in a week if I'm still in pain), and my tibia is feeling a little better today! This seems promising, although I'm not getting my hopes TOO high up. :)

What do you do to distract yourself when you can't run?
How is your running life different than your non-running life?


  1. fingers crossed the mri is clear as well

  2. our running/non-running lives sound similar :) what an awesomely relaxing weekend though...i love all the reading you got to do and HP was amazing!!!! i have been so into reading lately and it has definitely been just what I needed. glad you got news and hoping for the same good news from the MRI!

  3. SO sorry you are going through all this. I myself am struggling with the frustration of pains and it is truly mentally challenging. I dont understand why its soooo hard. I guess nothing that is worth it comes easy! So glad I found you and looking forward to sharing in your HEALING! :) Have a great day!

  4. I hate that you aren't able to run right now. Like my mom always used to say "This too shall pass" :)

  5. When I'm not running, my food choices are horrible. When I'm running, I'm more cautious about what I put in my body. Also, when I'm not running, I feel lethargic and blah (why I have trouble taking a rest day), and when I am running, I feel so much better!!

    Last year, when I couldn't run, I was really depressed. At the time, I wasn't cross-training (didn't know it was important), so I really went downhill physically. Gained weight, lost my sanity and felt awful! So keep cross-training, you'll be a better runner when you can get back to it!

  6. I hope you hear good news from the MRI as well! The book you are reading on the XT is it The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women: Get off your butt and on with your training? It's a great read!

  7. Great post! It looks like you had a blast over the weekend, good for you! My non-running life is a lot like you explained. I am generally in a bad mood, tired, and eat like 5 times more. It makes no sense at all.

    Glad the xrays look good! Keep your hopes up. :)


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