June 7, 2013

Four on Friday

1. This first week of summer has been a whole lotta lazy.  Well a whole lotta lazy combined with some triathlon training--race day is 2 days away!  I have been relishing in the slow-start mornings I've been able to enjoy most days this week.  Case in point this morning:

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Wednesday morning a friend called around 9:30am and asked what I was up to.  I told her I was laying in bed reading, and that my one complaint at the moment was that my book was so long that it was too heavy to hold up for hours and my arms were getting tired.  #firstworldproblems

2. So I'm really starting to freak about Sunday's tri--Tuesday I talked about how ill-prepared I am for the bike leg, but I've put my feet to pedals like crazy this week and am feeling better about that.  I actually took a wrong turn at the forest preserve Wednesday and my ride suddenly became 23 freaking miles.  Yikes.
 Anyways, I am no longer worried about the bike leg, but after I found out the other day that the current water temps are 68 degrees, I have a whole new set of worries.  Did I mention I had not been planning on wearing a wetsuit for this race?  The swim is in a small lake/pool/quarry, and last year the water was like bath water.  That may be an exaggeration, but it was warm.  No one wore wetsuits.  
I know I could still find/borrow/rent/buy a wetsuit if I really tried, but I'm already an anxious swimmer, and I think swimming in one for the first time on race day would be a big mistake.  I will just be cold and hopefully swim fast, I guess!  I may include a light jacket in my transition area just in case I need to throw that on to warm up on the bike...yikes.

3. Have you ever tried Yankz or other stretchy laces?  I used them in one of my tris last summer and loved them for quick transitions.  The shoes they were were getting pretty high in mileage and ready to retire, so I decided to swap them out and put them in another pair of shoes for Sunday's race.  Easier said than done.  I probably should have just thrown them away and started from scratch with a new pair, because after lacing your shoes you are supposed to cut off the excess ends.  Ever tried to lace shoes with frayed elastic?  I don't recommend it.  My shoes currently look like this:
And yes, I ran with them like that yesterday.  Hopefully I get around to lacing the other one before Sunday...

4. Did you know McDonald's ice cream cones are just 49 cents right now??  Be still my heart.  McDonald's cones are one of my favorite treats.  If I'm driving home late at night or going on a long drive and pass a McDonald's, you can bet I'm driving through for a cone.  I couldn't resist stopping for one on my way home from lunch with a friend this afternoon.  I decided I better not take a picture because eating a cone and driving is probably already enough distractions...

Happy Friday!  What do you have planned this weekend?  I have packet pickup + expo for my tri tomorrow (aka buying random tri clothes I don't need), then pasta, watching the blackhawks, and praying for good weather for Sunday!

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