June 18, 2013

Training Tuesday: 1 Week Down!

1 week of marathon training = complete!  Woo woo!  Just...17 to go?  Yikes.  That's still a long way to go, but hey at least I am 7 days closer!  This week was pretty easy compared to what I've been doing lately for triathlon training and half marathon training before that.  I logged a total of 3 short runs, 1 long slow distance (just 6 miles for starters!), and 2 hot hot hot yoga classes.  By the way, does anyone else get so sweaty at hot yoga that they need to stop to towel off many times during class?  Just me?...
One new thing this week was that I had my first long run with a training group.  I'm training for the marathon with Chicago Area Runner's Association, thanks to the free membership I got through Team Up! for Autism Speaks.  I have to say, I was a little nervous about a training group!  I've been a pretty exclusively solo runner throguh training for 5 half marathons, but I knew that I'd need a little extra support to get through this summer and fall of training.  The only downside is that my training group starts at 6:45am a half hour's drive away...UGH.  That means this lazy teacher has to get up early early early at least one day a week this summer.  #firstworldproblems  I even laid out my breakfast food the night before so I could sleep until the last possible second:
I really liked the training run--I had been planning on running with a 12min/mi run/walk group, but after starting with the group I quickly realized they were running more like a 13min/mi...so another runner and I decided to run together at our own pace.  We had a great time chatting during the run, and the miles went by really quickly.  I may try the 11:30 run/walk group or the 12min run group next week--it's nice to know that there are options and that running by myself or just with a buddy is an option too!  Besides the comradery, the highlight of the training group is the fact that they have coolers of water and gatorade out on the trail.  HOLD THE PHONES.  You mean I don't have to ration my precious gatorade on long runs this summer, taking 1 tiny sip per mile???  WIN!  (Only a runner would be this excited about gatorade...tell me I'm not alone here, guys!)

Anyways, looking forward to completing week 2 this week!  I'm popping CalMagZinc and foam rolling like a crazy person in the hopes of making this an INJURY-FREE summer!

What are you training for this summer?


  1. I bet you'll be thankful for those early starts once the heat sets in! Good luck!

  2. I'm training for some tris and a half or two. Crazy. And I still have to get up early on swimming days for sure.

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  4. Oh my goodness, I just stumbled onto your blog, and I am so happy I found it. I was an elementary education major (will soon be back in the US to become a "real teacher," but I'm currently an English language assistant at three elementary schools in France), and I just recently started trying to be a runner, so I'm loving the blend of the two, and I love your writing. Very inspiring. :) Keep it up!!


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