June 25, 2013

Training Tuesday: Gear I Cannot Live Without

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Over the past few years, I have tried a ton of different running clothes, shoes, and gear.  Here are some of the things I cannot live without!

Brooks Pure Cadence Shoes
I have had the worst trouble in the past finding running shoes that fit my feet, but last year I fell IN LOVE with these shoes.  They are super lightweight and just feel great running.  The awesome colors don't hurt either!  After running in these, my old regular running shoes feel super clunky.  They're definitely not a minimalist shoe, but a great option for someone looking for a lightweight shoe.
Nike Tempo Shorts
Absolute favorite running shorts, hands down.  I've tried running in compression shorts, skirts, etc., but these babies beat them all for me.  Plus who can resist the adorable colors and prints!
Rock Tape
This stuff has saved my running, f'real.  I have tried a million things to combat IT Band Syndrome over the last 2+ years--stretches, strengthening exercises, form changes, shoe changes, physical therapy, rest (turns out rest actually made my ITBs tighter...), but eventually I just needed to get on with my running life.  Enter Rock Tape!  I know, I know, this stuff is just a bandaid covering the symptoms of my ITBS, but it keeps me running!  I have tried KT tape too, but I way prefer Rock Tape.  I like that I can cut the strips myself, and it stays on WAY better than KT tape in my opinion.
Check out my pink rocktape! :)
Yur Buds
I love these little guys.  They actually stay in my ears--it's a miracle! They're not perfect and need some adjustments on really sweaty runs, but they are definitely the best ear buds I've tried.
Garmin 405
I had the bulkier, calculator-watch-resembling Garmin 205 for a few years before upgrading to the 405.  Before I bought this watch, I read a lot of reviews online including many negative ones.  It seems like people's biggest complaint was the bezel, but I have never had a problem with it.  In fact, I love it!  Fits my wrist so much more comfortably than the 205.
Yay for ((rarely)) finishing runs before 5am!
The Stick
We all know the importance of foam rolling, but I'm not going to lie--sometimes I get lazy with rolling!  The Stick does a great job at breaking up those knots just like rolling, but it's easy to use sitting on the couch watching TV.  It's also so portable--I throw it in the car when I'm driving to the forest preserve for long runs so that I can roll out before and after.  I also bring it to races sometimes to use at the finish line.  Who wants to lay down on the sidewalk or in a parking lot with a foam roller?  It also works great for travel.
Rollin' Out after the Chicago Spring Half
Road ID Slim
While this baby isn't exactly going to call the police if I get attacked on the run, at least it's better than nothing!  Seriously though, if I'm running alone, I'm wearing this thing.  100% of the time.  It lets my mom rest easy if nothing else.  I like that it comes in little sizes too--nothing worse than worrying about something sliding around on your wrist or falling off when you're out running!
Nike Featherlight Running Cap
I LOVE headbands--active bands, bondi bands, you name it--but on a super hot day, only a hat can keep my thick, frizzy hair under control.  I also love these hats in the rain to keep water out of my eyes.  Light, comfortable, and awesome!
Gu Peanut Butter
Gu is my fuel of choice for long runs--easy to choke down, easy on the tummy.  PB is the only flavor lately that not only doesn't nauseate me, but that I actually love the taste of!
Beautiful Niece playing with a PB Gu--that's my girl!
Compression Sleeves, Socks, & Shorts
I have totally drunk the compression wear kool-aide.  Reason why?  IT WORKS.  Period.  I usually wear compression sleeves on long runs and socks/shorts for recovery.  I swear I can tell a difference in how my muscles feel after wearing them!  For sleeves I like Zensah and CEP, my favorite socks are Recovery Socks and Pro Compression socks, and I have shorts from both Asperis and Tommie Copper.
Rocking compression socks (and three other things from this post!) after the Disney Princess half!

What running gear can you not live without?

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post--I just love this stuff and wanted to share it with you!  

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  1. I didn't know there was PB Gu. I'll have to try it. I wear hats all the time and love Nike hats. I have many colors. I like Nuun - fairly new discovery but right now it's making my day and on my 10 mile humid hot run today I needed it. I couldn't live without my Garmin which is a very basic one. I also love my Ifitness belt as I often carry my phone and camera. I'm sure there's more but that's it for now.


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