July 25, 2013

Three Things Thursday

This time next week I will be heading off to Boston, one of my absolute favorite cities, to visit my wonderful friend and fellow runner Michelle:
Us after the 2012 Kentucky Derby Half Marathon

Among other things, we will be running the Triple Threat Half Marathon in Cape Ann, Massachusetts. This course is going to be beautiful!  I have always wanted to race near the ocean!

I am super excited about this race, but after looking at the elevation...
((That might not seem like much to some of you, but I'm a Prairie State girl, born and raised!  
Hills are not my friend...))

...And realizing that the race starts at 10:15am, meaning we'll be finishing right at the hottest part of the day, we quickly realized this will NOT be a PR or a speedy race for either of us.  Instead, we decided to have a little fun with it.  When Michelle sent me the link to the Team Sparkle website, I didn't hesitate before jumping on board the sparkle skirt bandwagon!  These skirts were EVERYWHERE at the Disney Princess Half this year, and I was obsessed with them.  My awesome skirt arrived yesterday!
It is so cute and so light; I can't wait to run in it!
I did it.  Visited the teacher's store, that is!  Back to school shopping has officially begun.  I am sticking with the same turquoise, black, and polka dot decor as last year, so I shouldn't have to buy too much (hopefully!), but of course I needed a few new things!  Between a stop there and a trip to Target, I have some of the basics covered.  Last year I spent a ton of money on new things for the classroom, so this year I am trying to restrain myself!
Remember the heat wave I talked about last week?  Well, I was SO pumped to wake up yesterday to some nice and cool weather!  In fact, I was able to have a super lazy morning and head out for my run after 11 thanks to the cooler temps!
67 degrees at 11:05???  AMAZING!

I drove a little ways to a gorgeous trail that I discovered during half-marathon training in May.  I hadn't run there since then because my midweek runs I usually just run in my neighborhood and since I've been running my long runs with my training group.  Today called for 5-6 miles though, and this trail has a beautiful 5.5 mi unpaved loop, so I figured it was perect.
Beautiful!!!  And wonderful to finish a run in the middle of the day and not be so hot I thought I would pass out!  LOVE!

Do you run close to home or do you ever drive to running spots? 

Have you bought anything awesome for your classroom yet?


  1. I am LOVING this cooler weather! If it was like this all summer, I'd be in HEAVEN! :)

    I don't run, ever (unless I'm being chased with a knife...so never), but I do drive to my walking place because its about 5 miles from my house. It's a beautiful trail at a park and its so peaceful there. I wouldn't be able to walk there to walk because I'd keel over before I made it there! :)

    I haven't bought much for my room yet but I did purchase a Monsters Theme at Teachers Pay Teachers and have been having a ton of fun printing the materials for my classroom. So adorable!

  2. Your trail looks so much like my trail!

    I only run on the same trail. Cedarvale Ravine, about 5 minutes from my house.

    I'm in the "School starts in a month and a bit and it's my first year teaching and aaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGHHHHH" mode. I'm sure you remember it. I don't even know what to buy, how to plan... luckily, I still have six weeks or so, so I'm trying not to freak out.

  3. Next summer you and your friend should enter the lottery to run the Falmouth Road Race in Falmouth, MA! It is an amazing, amazing, amazing race. The course is gorgeous and nothing beats the amazing crowd that cheers you on the whole way. It is also a really historic race. I ran it last summer and had no idea until I got there what a big deal it is! I swear I ran with a grin from ear to ear the whole time...and considering that 7 mile race is as far as I have ever run, that really says something! haha


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