July 30, 2013

Training Tuesday: 12 Miles = One hungry runner!

7 weeks of marathon training down, $2,203 raised for Autism Speaks, and many miles run!  Woo!  This week I actually managed to get all my weekday runs in!  I have always run three days a week in the past, but this training plan calls for four days a week.  I was initially nervous my lame ass legs wouldn't be able to handle the extra day, but it's been going great!  You know you're training for a marathon when you're in bed, in running clothes, with taped up IT bands at 9:30pm Friday night...
Yep, I sleep in my running clothes.  And I tape those ITBs the night before--it helps the tape stick waaaay better.  Oh, and you know you're a TEACHER marathoner when you're in bed at 9:30 reading a children's book!  

My little pace group joked about how we think we should get a medal for every distance we run from now on because, honestly, come on, we've earned it. And who doesn't love a good medal? :)  This week we made it through a long run of 12 miles together.  I woke up Saturday morning pre-run to sub-60 degree weather--WHAT?!?  Shut the front door, crazy Chicago weather!  I even busted out my arm warmers and word them for the first few chilly miles!  This run went really well, although I am having some issues with the arch on my left foot--tight tight tight!  I think it is just that I have been running in a new pair of shoes--same make and model as my old ones, but I think they really feel best after they have at least 50 miles on them.  Today I tried out a new pair of running shorts: 
These are Nike Pro shorts that I bought to wear under my Team Sparkle skirt at next week's half marathon.  I am a loyal Nike Tempo shorts girl, so I was a little reluctant to try these guys--I was worried the elastic waist would give me some muffin top action and that the legs would ride up.  However, I was pleasantly surprised!  The waistband was SUPER comfy and the shorts didn't move around at all.  I still think the Tempo shorts are more comfortable--love the free and liberating feeling :).  But, I will definitely run in these guys from time to time. 

After the long run, I hit up, you guessed it, Jimmy Johns.  Cannot get enough veggie subs and salt and vinegar chips these days!  The great thing about running longer on Saturdays is that I no longer have to wait for Jimmy Johns to open after I finish running--it's already after 10 by the time I'm home!  Woohoo! 
(Oh, and don't worry, I also proceeded to eat an entire box of macaroni and cheese later that day all by my hungry self...glad I am able to cancel out every calorie burned during training with food. consumed post-run.. :)

How is your summer training going?


  1. Hungry runner, I'm sending you a recipe. It's not my family's recipe, but it's the one I use. You've probably never heard of Kugel, but it's Jewish Noodle Pudding. (it's actually ridiculously easy to make - and it can be eaten as a breakfast, a dinner, a snack, or a dessert!)


  2. Yeah it's easy to cancel out those calories we just used. I get so hungry biking I am sure I eat more than I worked off. Congrats on your good marathon training.

  3. I think medals should be given out for every race. I just did the Biggest Loser 5k/15k in Killington VT, and got a medal for the 5k. LOVE IT!


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