August 20, 2013

Training Tuesday: That time I set a new distance record!

You guys, this weekend I did it.  Ran further than I ever thought I could, that is.  So far marathon training has involved runs of 13 miles and below, all of which I've done many times during half marathons and the training for them.  That doesn't mean they were easy, but it does mean that I mentally knew I could do it!  Saturday, though, for the first time EVER, I ran 15 whole miles.  FIFTEEN miles!  And you know what?  It felt amazing.  I can't wait to tell you all about it!

I was less than thrilled to wake up at 4:50 Saturday morning in order to be at our training site by 6:15am, the new start time for us slow runners from now until the marathon.  (So. Early.)  It was really chilly that early, let me tell you!  As I stood around with the other back-of-the-packers trying to stay warm, it definitely seemed like the atmosphere was a little on the pessimistic side.  Two of my running buddies were feeling really anxious about the run, even though they are both marathon veterans.  I started wondering if maybe I should be more nervous, but to be honest, my usual nerves just weren't there!  I'm not saying I was all sorts of confident, but I honestly knew I would be able to power through the run one way or another, and I knew my pace group would not leave me behind.  I wasn't sure it'd be a pretty sight, but I knew in my heart that I would be running 15 miles that day!
It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be out running!  Not too hot (at the beginning at least), and plenty of sunshine!  I was a little worried about my right hip flexor/quad at the start.  It had been super tight all week, and I just prayed it would loosen up once we got moving.  15 miles of pain?  No thank you!  Luckily after about 2 miles I felt just fine.  The miles just clicked by, and the conversation took my mind off things like a charm.  One woman who was new to our pace group that week asked if me and one of the other girls I was chatting with were friends before the running group.  We said nope!  We had just met here!  Loving making new running friends.  I can't imagine making it through 15 miles with a smile on my own!
Everyone but me was a veteran marathoner, but this run was a new distance for novice marathoner me!  At mile 12, I asked the group if anyone had a medal to offer me after mile 13, because I'd gotten a medal every time I'd run 13.1 miles before then!  One of the buddies offered me a dollar. :)  They all cheered for me, and I did a little happy dance on the run.  By the last couple of miles, I'll be honest--my feet were hurting, my legs were hurting, and I was ready to lay down.  But at NO POINT did I want to stop--in fact, I felt so strong at the end!

After the run, I was rewarded with an awesome little surprise--the running group had a massage therapist giving short leg massages to runners!  PERFECTION!  As the therapist worked out the million knots in my IT bands, he remarked that he thought he'd massaged some serious knots, but then he came here--he said the runner with the least knots still beat his knottiest non-runner client!  Yikes!  I believe it. :)
One of the other runners and I also hit up the farmer's market for some fresh squeezed lemonade and a yummy treat.  When I spotted the chocolate croissant, I knew I had to have it.  Every bite was magical!
I couldn't believe how good my legs felt post-run.  Of course, I could barely get out of bed the next morning, but I still consider it a victory. :)

Did you run long this weekend??  Tell me all about it!


  1. Congrats. Nice to have a group to train with. And that treat would be my choice too.

  2. my longest run of 15 will be this weekend..I switched my 13 mile run with my 15 since I had a half marathon last weekend. I hope my 15 goes as well as yours did! Way to go!

  3. Awesome!! It's such a good feeling knowing you've run longer than ever before:)

  4. Thanks for sharing..
    I like the sunshine of the sunset,it is beautiful...



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