August 16, 2013

Running Buddies + a Race Recap: Elvis is Alive 5K

This just in: I am running 15 miles tomorrow. Yikes! When did that happen? Seems like yesterday we were just starting our training with an easy 6...those days are long gone!  This has been a great running week so far.  I had an awesome seven miler Wednesday with one of my very best friends who was visiting from our of town.  Scott's a super speedy marathoner, but like the awesome running buddy and friend he is, he slows down his pace and drags me through training runs when he is in town.  Nothing like a fast friend to get you moving!
Us after that rough duathlon in July...well rough for me.  Scott killed it in the tri...Typical. :)

Thursday was extra fun.  I had the pleasure of running the Elvis is Alive 5k in Chicago with my friend Lauren!  It's been forever since Lauren and I have run together, so I was pumped to get a race in the calendar for us this summer.  Especially a themed know I love a good theme!  Lauren was itching for a new 5k PR, and I was super pumped to help her get it.  We decided sparkle skirts were a necessity...
Lauren and I started out strong at a 9:30 pace, and we held it for the first mile and half.  After that, Lauren started really feeling it, so we slowed down a little and took a couple of walk breaks.  When we started back up again, I hated to have to break the news to her that to get that PR, we needed to pick up the pace!  (I also made her promise to tell me if she was going to die and needed to slow down, but otherwise I was getting her that PR!) 

We crossed the finish line in 31:22, a full minute faster that her previous pr. Lauren promises she only wished ill upon me and cursed my name in her head for that last stretch, but if it got her to her goal, I'll take it!

After the race we soaked up some refreshments, including a free 312 (my favorite beer) and tacos from a food truck.
Note the Elvis costumes... :)
Post-Race Elvis Tribute Band
Oh, and we just HAD to stop for cake pops at Starbucks on the way to the train...


It was awesome racing with Lauren again, but the best part was that I got to share her pr joy with her! Only a runner can truly understand how amazing that PR feeling is.  Loved getting to help pace Lauren to the finish!  We agreed that next race, she's shooting fir a sub-30. You got this, Lauren!

Have you ever helped pace a friend to a PR?

Tell me about your favorite running buddies!


  1. Sounds like fun! It is true that not everyone gets a PR or other runner/tri stuff. That is why I like blogging.

  2. Good luck with your 15 mile run tomorrow!!!


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